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selling/trading - NIB wave 1 Lagoona, Jinafire, RM Clawdeen, hand made Lagoona/neptuna necklace, plush lagoona, frankie, deuce and even some MLP vinyls.

I am looking to fill in some holes in my collection. so i have up for trade (or sale)  the following:

Wave 1 lagoona blue - would like to get either SDCC  scarah or ghoulia trade (they do not have to be NIB)

Scaris Jinafire

Roller Maze Clawdeen

Plush Deuce

Plush Frankie

Plush Lagoona

MLP funko Derpy Vinyl 

MLP funko Dr. Whooves Vinyl

Neptuna lagoona blue necklace - this necklace is hand made by me, it features swarovski crystals and a neptuna charm. the neptuna charm is plastic it came attached to the lagoona mirror cameo  keychain i took it appart to make a neptuna necklace. the crystals are feature sparkly crystals and also "iced" looking beads. It has never been worn i made it and never got around to wearing it so it needs a new home :)

I am looking for the following to fill in holes in my collection :D i will also consider offers

Basic Nefera 

Basic Jackson

Gloom beach jackson

Basic Holt

Cleo fashion pack

SDCC Ghoulia

SDCC Scarah & Voodude 

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I'm interested in your wave 1 Lagoona. I have a basic Jackson or a Nefera, let me know if you're interested.

sent you a friend request.  thanks!

If you still have lagoona let me know!

Interested in Lagoona if she is still available.

Lagoona is still available but i did update what i would like for her, i will consider offers but i will for sure trade either of the two i listed next to her. thank you :D


I have a ghoulia.. She has been removed from box but put id like to trade for your lagoona

Hi SailorMoon106 here, would like to know if the Plush Lagoona was still available, if so how much were you asking.

Please send me a PM with all of the details. Thanks

Hi!  I'm interested in your Roller Maze Clawdeen.  Will you sell her or only looking for trades?  Thanks!

Basic lagoona for my basic jackson? He doesn't have glasses and if needed I can trade him for jinafire.


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