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Selling tons of older dolls! (including some SDCC, EAH, and Basics)

Hi everyone! I'm working to sell off some of my miscellaneous dolls when I was super into MH and EAH. All of these have pretty much just been used for display and should be in good condition. (There are also a couple of non-MH/EAH things.)

A few dolls may have some weird stains from being in storage, but I have discounted them to reflect that. And if you need more pictures just give me a heads up!

I do have this posting up on another site, so don't freak if you see it twice! My feedback links should make sense.

But for some quick info:

  • US buyers are preferred, but I'll take offers internationally as well.
  • Prices don't include shipping or PayPal fees unless noted.
  • I'll only hold things for a week on principle, after that it's fair game for someone else. If you need more time, just let me know.
  • Price are negotiable. Just be reasonable.


Anyway, onto the listing!

All images (in order) can be found here:
Dolls come with what they're pictured with.
If you buy 2 or more dolls, I'll knock 20% off of the total (Pre-shipping).

  • Sisters Clawdeen: $4
  • Student Disembody Cleo: $4
  • Swim Venus: $5
  • Skull Shores Draculaura: $3
  • Scaris Frankie: $8
  • Fashion Pack Frankie: $10
  • Ghoul Spirit Frankie: $4
  • Nude EAH Briar, Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid,  Apple: $5 each
  • EAH Loose Basic Accessories: $8
  • Monster High stands (Clear, Blue, and Black): $4 each
  • BNIB Jane Boolittle: $12
  • Disney Store Anna: $12

Dolls past here are basic/ signature versions of each character. Because these dolls are older they may have some glue seepage. However, since these have only been displayed glue seepage is very minor or non existant.

I do have the diaries and smaller accessories that aren't pictured.

These are all boxless, but have not been played with. Only displayed and in great condition.

As usual, prices are negotiable and I can provide more photos on request.

  • Gooliope: $13
  • Bloodgood + Nightmare: $25
  • Freshwater Lagoona: $13
  • Elissabat: $13
  • Catrine DeMew: $18
  • Neighthan Rot: $12
  • Bonita Femur: $12
  • Jane Boolittle: $10
  • Gigi Grant: $18
  • Avea Trotter: $15
  • Operetta: $20
  • Batsy Claro: $15
  • Kjersti Trollson: $13
  • Clawd Wolf: $20
  • Slo Mo  Sloman (student council ver): $12
  • Gil Webber (manster ver.): $12
  • Heath Burns (home ick ver.): $15

Thanks for taking a look! :)

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Hi there, I'm interested in Scarah and Hoodude and Valentine, please send me a pm if they're still available, thanks!


Removed a few dolls that have sold.

Slo mo ?  And or clawd


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