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I am parting ways with my boxed collection and will just be keeping my loose dolls. I am only looking for two dolls at the moment. Mall 5 pack Billy and Clawdeen will trade mine for those otherwise I'm selling only. Prices do not include shipping and if you think it is to high make an offer. For some reason my files won't attach so if you want specific ones let me know and I will text or email you the pic. On to the list:
Neighton Rot $20
Save Frankie Jackson. $15
Ghoul Spirit SLO Mo $15
Elle Eedee. $8
Dead Tired Robecca $15
SDCC Iris Manny. $80
SDCC Whisp Valentine $70
Music Festival Draculaura and Clawd $40
Roller skate Lagoona Gil $15
Picnic Frankie Jackson $25
Home Ick Heath Abbey $20
Scarnival Skeletam. $10
Scar is Deuce. $10
Boo York Catty. $15
Toralei Freak. $10
I Heart Fashion Abbey $30
I Heart Fashion Frankie $30
I Heart Fashion Clawdeen $25
I Heart Fashion Scarah $25
First release Catty $25
Wonder wolf $20
Cat Tastrophe $20
Polterghoul $20
13 Wishes Clawdeen $10
DOTD Cleo $50
Mad Science Lagoona $20
Scaris Skeleta $20
Honey Swamp $20
Roller Maze set 6 dolls $80
Dot Dead 3 Pack $30
Fear leader 3 pack $65
1st Robecca $25
1st Abbey $25
13 wishes Spectra &20
Dead tired Draculaura with bed $15
Clawd Scarnival $15
Heath Ghoul Fair $15
Boo York New Ghoul 3 pack $20

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hello im wondering if you still have the i hear fashion clawdeen wolf and the boo york new ghoul 3 pack dolls? 

How much is shipping?
Depends on what you want and where it is going.

Hi, I'm interested in buying your dolls

Dolls I'll buy (I'll buy them for sure if the payment method is not PayPal or something)

●Elle Edde

●Toralei Freak

●I Heart Fashion (Abbey, Clawdeen, Scarah)


●13 wishes spectra

●Boo York Catty

●First Release Catty

●1ST Robecca Steams Or Abbey Bominable

And I'm from pakistan, thank you.


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