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I'm looking to sell or trade these doll that have the button eyes and button eye pets. I either want a doll that I don't have or money for them

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If you want to look at the pictures please email to

these are the three plush dolls i have for trade and buy

Hiya im interested in Draculaura, I have a Ghouls Rule Abbey, JinaFire and Catherine, if your interested.

I also have good feedback on here and on ebay

 Lita Blanchimont


can you pm the pictures of the dolls your offering or send a email with the pics to

I'd also like Draculaura but it seems she is spoken for. If that trade doesn't work out please let me know!

i'll let you know Lexa power


lots of people want draculura

Yeah she's the best! No worries if she sells! Just wanted to express interest.

shayla Mcweeney


someone has emailed me about clawdeen already


but if it dosen't go through i'll pm you to let you know she's still avavable

Lexa Power


i got these for my birthday two years ago


but i never played with them so i deciced to trade/sell these to people who would want them


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