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Selling NIB dolls and Loose Complete Dolls, Nefera, Gill and others.

Time to scale down my collection.

I am selling some loose dolls too including Nefera and others.  Be sure to check it out.  Pics coming soon.  Thanks for looking.

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CAM Blob and Ice $10

Jinafire $8

Venus $10

Operetta $5

I won't have money to buy them for awhile. How long can you put them aside for? I have been looking specifically for the CAM for several months now and have always wanted the other dolls I'm interested in. And can the dolls be reserved?

Yes, I can reserve dolls for you.

Sent friend request :) Im interested in Skull shores cleo and clawdeen

Hello, I'm interested in Catrine, does she have her tail and how much are you asking for her? Also, how much will shipping be to 92404? Thank you
Could you reserve the dolls I asked about please? I will be able to buy them around December. I am currently moving and do not know my street address yet.

If cupid is still available, what would you like for her? I could also do a trade if you'd like.

I"m interested in Venus, Skelita, Jane, and Cupid if they are still available.  How much would the four of them cost plus shipping to 92117?

Hi, I am still interested in skull shores cleo and clawdeen and wondering if you would ship to Australia and if so how much? Also would you consider any swaps? Thanks ;)


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