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Selling NIB dolls and Loose Complete Dolls, Nefera, Gill and others.

Time to scale down my collection.

I am selling some loose dolls too including Nefera and others.  Be sure to check it out.  Pics coming soon.  Thanks for looking.

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I think I'd like to get Nefera, do you have other pieces for her or just the doll?

I have all that came with her except the stand.  She is complete.

Wow, what a fast response! and what about Cupid, she looks like she is complete, but I cant see the hand to see if she has her ring:)
Maxie West said:

I have all that came with her except the stand.  She is complete.

She is complete and does have her ring.

and will you take payment through paypal or only your store on shopify? and do you have any feedback anywhere?

I am using shopfiy since it is easier to keep track of everything.  I am not using paypal right now either.  I need to get verified first before I can accept payments.

How much for Nefara, if she is still available?

I am selling Nefera for $30.

Sending you a FR.  Very intereted in Nefara.

I am very interested in your CAM Blob and Ice Girls, Jinafire, Venus, and Operetta. How much are they?


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