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ALL of these dolls came from ebay second hand and unboxed. These are for OOAK, customize or start a project, or replacement parts, for whatever reason here they are.

PRICES ARE 100% NEGOTIABLE. I want to give us both the best deals. Just let me know.
There are some parts missing or mismatched. I'm not here to cheat you, so I try my best to describe them as best I can with these images. If you would like more images please let me know.

Read and Look Carefully! Most have messy hair!

I have a cat in my house!
Smoke-free home! (However 2nd Hand so that may not have always been that way)
Continental U.S. shipping only.
Payment through Paypal only.
I should be able to ship within 1-2 days of cleared payment. If there is a delay for any reason I will let you know.
Tracking With Every Package!!
Shipping starts at $3.50
Will be shipped in a bubble mailer unless you ask otherwise. This could cause shipping to increase. 
Please communicate with me if you have any questions

Want List/Trade List- From most to least coveted
I Heart Fashion Clawdeen Fashion Pack -- MUST HAVE DOLL <3
I Heart Fashion Venus Fashion Pack (No Doll Needed)
Venus Doll with clothes (No Swim or Ghoul Spirit) Pictures are loved
Scare and Makeup Clawdeen only
Student Exchange Draculaura
Monster High or EAH Boots/Shoes (I really like boots!)


– SS Color, 2 dolls Available $5 each
--FF (Pulled/stretched Neck bolts) $5 HOLD
--Wave 1 re-release (Missing Right Leg) $4

– Ghouls Rule (Missing Arms) $4
--Haunted (Missing Arms) $4
--Dead Tired (with straight hair and missing Pink Streaks) $6


– FCA $6
--Ghoul Sport -- Has Howleen's arms and Hands. $5 + $5 for her her top, bottom and boots, please request if you want the clothes!


– SS (No arms/hands) $4

– FF $5 HOLD
--SS, 2 dolls Available [1 has Frankie's left hand] $5 Each


– SS (No Leg Fins) $5
– Picture Day (No Leg Fins) $5

– Picture Day (Lip Chip) $5


– GNO (with clothes and accessories pictured) $13

– Basic (Eye WONK!) $5

– 13W $6
--Ghoul Fair $6

Jane Boolittle – Basic (Nude) $6 HOLD

– Ghoul Spirit (Missing Flocking) $5 

Apple White
– Basic (Nude) $ 7.50

--Getting Fairest $7.50

Briar Beauty
--Sig still has her hair up in the knot it came with.


 – Sig 2 Available $7.30 Each

Holly - Not sure which, could be basic $7.50 HOLD

Yasmin – Neon Runway (No hair, has shoes, can include Black and Pink Liv wig if you like/ let me know) $3 + 2 for wig


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Hi! How much is holly with shipping? I live over anlantic so Im not sure If you ever ship here (I Live in Greece) so im not sure. But I would like to learn more thank you

Shipping would probably be more expensive than the doll her self. (Unless you are interested in more than 1doll.) I know that it's costly, I've shipped to England and it was about $22 usd. Not exatally sure how much it would be for Greece.

You would have to pay the shipping and fees however.

ohh I guess it's alot :( but thanks anyway 

Still have dolls for sale!! Perfect for reroots and custom projects!! Pm me to start Nd get your doll.

Do you know how much Canadian shipping would be?  My guess is quite expensive.  Big pain to ship anything here.

i'm not sure, I did ship over seas before. But I've never shipped to Canada... If you don't mind paying the shipping fees, I have no problem shipping there.

What dolls were you interested in? (PM me if you'd like to talk more.) :) 

I have quite a few dolls that I'm selling and I can ship them to Canada for 15-20 depending on whether or not you want express shipping. Pm if interested :)

Most dolls for sale.


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