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Selling Most of My Collection! M.H., E.A.H. and More

This might be a long shot, but I have a large tub (weighing over 2 stone or 13 kg) crammed full of Monster High and Ever After High items (and some Disney Descendants, Once Upon a Zombie, a rare Bratzillaz and a rare Pullip dress) and I want it all gone -- sadly I'm just not interested in dolls any more!

It would be collection only (from Surrey, U.K.) because the tub is so big; unfortunately I'm not well enough to pack and post anything at the moment.  There must be at least £300 worth of stuff but I'm willing to haggle -- I really just want to get rid of the lot. :)

There are some rare items including E.A.H. 'Spring Unsprung'; some Bratz items; lots of collections of M.H. clothing collected into bags by character; and of course a lot of dolls.

A couple of dolls may have staining to the face and a couple have been painted.  A small amount of the clothing-items have been dyed black.  One of 'Garden Ghouls' Cleo's wings has had all the paint removed.  Some dolls have had their face-ups cleaned off ready for repainting.  There's a boxful of Ever After High clothes and accessories, and also a boxful of random doll items I really don't know what to do with.  Some items in the latter are handmade (not by me).

You're welcome to come round and have a look through the tub if you wish.  It would be a great lot for resellers!

If I don't get any interest in this post the whole lot will be going on Ebay, so if you're interested please jump in now. :)

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Oh it is sad to know you are not interested in dolls anymore. It might sound strange but in a way, it would not be that bad if it would happen to me. Having too many dolls is starting to cause me a lot of stress and I don't want this hobby to take over my life.

I am looking for signature Toralei's tail and Lagoona's fins. Maybe you have that somewhere, we never know.

You said you were not well. I hope you will feel better soon whatever it is.

Unfortunately I don't have the tail or fins, but thank you anyway for the reply and the best wishes. :)

The bundle is now listed on Ebay here:

You might be surprised by the starting-price! :)


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