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Selling more dolls (Wave 1, School's Out, DotD, etc) and accessories.

Hi again! Just selling another handful of dolls, outfits, and other odds-n-ends. Thanks for looking!
If you like My Little Pony, I have some G4 ponies and accessories for sale.

  • None of these dolls will come with stands.
  • I prefer to ship within North America.
  • I accept only Paypal.
  • Prices do not include shipping costs or Paypal fees.

  • Rollermaze Operetta (only comes with outfit and card) - $5
  • *Rollermaze Ghoulia (only comes with outfit, glasses, and card) - $5
  • Skull Shores Draculaura (comes with card, no drink) - $8
  • Nefera (only comes with journal, no purse, no pet) - $12
  • **Lagoona Wave 1 (comes with journal, leg fins, and purse, no pet) - $30
  • Frankie Dawn of the Dance (sold as pictured) - $25
  • Frankie Wave 2 (comes with purse and journal) - $15

* Ghoulia's hair has been restyled into a simple ponytail. 

** Lagoona's hair has been put in a ponytail. The rubber band originally holding her hair in place broke due to age. 

  • *Clawdeen School's Out (comes with journal and purse)- $20
  • Frankie Wave 1 (comes with journal, purse, and pet) - $30
  • Draculaura Original Dead Tired (comes with card and movie) - $8
  • Skull Shores Abbey
  • Ghoulia Classroom Edition (comes with everything but extra outfit) 
  • Lagoona School's Out, original face mold (comes with journal, purse, leg fins, and folder accessory) - $20

* Clawdeen's hair has been restyled. Manufacturer error: Her journal is in Portuguese.


  • Abbey's Snowboarding Club outfit and card (without white turtleneck) - $10
  • CAM Seamonster outfit - $1
  • Lagoona Classroom Edition extra outfit - $3
  • Laptop accessory - $1
  • Draculaura School Club camera accessory - $1
  • Ghoulia School Club Dead Fast figurine - $5
  • Lagoona Skull Shores card - $.50
  • Ghoulia Dead Tired card - $.50
  • Cupid card - $.50
  • Draculaura School Clubs card - $.50
  • (Picture 1 | Picture 2) Cut-outs from various boxes. I was going to make a collage, but I got lazy. $3

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Can I purchase Lagoona wave 1 please

Yes, haha. I sent you a friend request. PM me once you accept it, please!

I'm interested in Nefera. How much for shipping to 48656?

I can't determine it right now since I'm at work, but I'll send you a friend request and let you know later tonight. :) Sound okay?

I am interested in both RM dolls and the box cutouts :) I'll send you a FR

** also Draculaura's camera and the laptop :)

Hi! I am interested in Laptop accessory - $1, Draculaura School Club camera accessory - $1, Lagoona Skull Shores card - $.50, Draculaura School Clubs card - $.50, and I would also like the full body cutouts (Home Ick Frankie, DOTD Lagoona, DOTD Ghoulia, and the DT Draculaura). How much would those 4 cutouts be? Thank you for your time :)

Hi guys, I have several people wanting the laptop and camera right now, so I'm going to have to come on a first come, first serve basis. Tina was the one I saw asked first, so I'm going to be giving those to her. Hope that's okay. :)

Jessica - I can sell you the cards, but everything else has been spoken for right now unfortunately! 

Tina - Sent you a PM. :)

That's totally fine, thanks!

Okay, sent everyone who wanted anything PMs about shipping and all of that! :)

lol..always late for the good sales..wanted RM Operetta and Nefera..oh well..

Just letting everyone know I'll be getting out all your packages by Wednesday. It's going to be cold and raining this weekend, so I'm going to stay snugly and warm inside! 

I want
Ghoulia School Club Dead Fast figurine - $5
Frankie Wave 2 (comes with purse and journal) - $15
CAM Seamonster outfit - $1
Lagoona Classroom Edition extra outfit - $3 :D


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