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Shop UPDATE September 13th 2016

I have made the final decision to get rid of 80-90% of my Monster High Collection. It is time to move them into to a new home!

I have conducted trades on here and tumblr before. My ebay username is neko.nana with 100% feedback on over 100 transactions.

I am based in USA and open to ship internationally. Transaction will be discussed via message so please check your inbox often. I accept Paypal only, no cash. I can debox if you request to save on shipping cost. It should cost $5-$6 for loose. Otherwise, keeping it in its original box is up to your discretion. It will be $12 for one doll to ship USPS Medium Flat Rate Box.

Please leave a message down below on what your interested in and I'll get back to you about price.



Novi Stars

Pink & White Bunny Phone Charm BNIB

Cute Panther Bunny in Cheetah Print Hoodie BNIB

Mario Kart DS Pull Back Action BNIB - Wario, Mario, Peach

Mario Kart Wii Pull Back Action BNIB - Luigi, Mario, Peach

Have a nice day. Thank you!

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How much for all 4 monster exchange & the drac/ro freaky fusion?

Hi, are these dolls still available? I'm interested in buying your dolls because they are NIB and rare.

Dolls I want:

●Ghouls Sprit Venus McFlyTrap

●Dead Tired Robecca Steams

●Ghoul Sports Toralei

●Ghouls Sports Spectra Vondergeist

●Art Class Robecca Steams

●Ghoul's Night Out Rochelle Goyle

●Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra

●13 Wishes Twyla

●Frights, Camera, Action Viperine

●Scaris Skelita

●Getting Ghostly Twyla (HAUNTED)

●Monster Exchange Lorna

●Monster Exchange Draculaura

●Monster Exchange Merisol

●Monster Exchange Lagoon Blue

●Boo York Cleo De Nile And Deduce

I'm from pakistan,

Thanks have a nice day :)

hello im interisted in the art class and dead tired robecca steam dolls and the monster exchange draculaura how much wouldthey be :)

Novi star price?


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