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Hi there! As the title says, I'm trying to sell my collection. I'm starting out with the dolls I don't totally love, and I know there's someone out there who'll love them more than I can. I'm willing to negotiate price if you message me personally. 

I have:

Scaris Lagoona: All accessories, including bags and extra shoes. Hair has been washed and restyled. $20

Scaris Cleo: Almost all accessories, no cat shoes. $20

Skull Shores Draculaura: Outfit and accessories. Washed hair. $10

Skull Shores Cleo: Outfit and accessories. $10

Basic Rochelle Goyle: Outfit, journal, pet, purse. $20

Fearleading Purrsephone/Meowlody: includes outfit, shoes, paper pom-poms and black and white microphone things. $15 each

Also, I also have an extra Abbey Bominable journal ($2) and a pack of sparkly temporary tattoos($1). I am willing to throw in stands as well to the first three buyers. Also, if you buy both Scaris, or both Fearleaders, I'll lower the overall price: Scaris: $35, Fearleading: $25

The prices are listed after the description. They DO NOT include shipping. I'll ship anywhere, just message me for rates. 


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I hope you still have them. I definitely want Scaris Lagoona, Cleo & SS Cleo. Oh and Abbey's journal too please.:)

I am debating about Basic Rochelle.^^; I want to know the shipping fee first. Will you be able to ship directly to me to Bangkok, Thailand via 1st Class? If you can't can I ask you to ship to my friend in the US in KS?

Please let me know, I'll also add you, so you can message me.;)

In case you are interested in trade I have some for trade too.:)

I messaged you!

how much for basic rochelle's shipping?

1stwavefanatic said:

how much for basic rochelle's shipping?

Depends on where she's going.


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