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Well I have bad news.

I'm unfortunately having to make a big move across the country and am having to get rid of the most of my things. This includes my entire monster high doll collection. ):

I am unable to afford having everything shipped over with me, so I have to start liquidating ASAP. It'll be a slow process posting everything up here, so I ask that you all bare with me.

I have a lot of doubles, and quite a few are still in their box. I'm accepting all kinds of offers, so long as it's reasonable. No trades, please. I need as much income as I can get to help fund my move.

These are the ones I have pictures of currently.

Current item list (still pulling out more to list):

Sweet 1600 Cupid x2

Sweet 1600 Frankie

Sweet 1600 Clawdeen

Sweet 1600 Clawd

Ghouls Rule Clawdeen

Ghouls Rule Draculara

Ghouls Rule Frankie

Ghouls Rule Cleo

Ghouls Rule Abbey

Rollermaze Lagoona

Rollermaze Frankie

Rollermaze Operetta

Rollermaze Ghoulia

Schools Out Clawdeen

Schools Out Lagoona

Skull Shores Lagoona

Black and White Skull Shores Frankie x1

Dead tired Ghoulia

Draculara Storybook doll

Frankie Storybook doll

Clawdeen Storybook doll

Day at the mall/Killer Style Draculara (the one with the keychain)

Day at the mall/Killer Style Frankie (the one with the keychain)

Dot dead gorgeous three pack Draculara, Ghoulia, Abbey

Coffin bean set with Clawdeen

Basic Abbey x2

Basic Rochelle

Basic Jackson

Basic Nefera x2

Basic Operetta x2

Basic Toralei (damaged box)

Basic Spectra

Basic Venus

Basic Robecca

The Werecat twins

Draculara's bed

Cleo's Vanity

Clawdeen's Scream Uniform

Create a monster Ghost add on x1

Create a monster Insect add on

Create a monster Puma add on


Skull Shores Draculara

Skull Shores Gill

Operetta Fashion pack

Clawdeen Fashion pack

Out of Box

Basic Frankie

Basic Clawdeen

Basic Draculara

Basic Spectra

Schools out Frankie

Schools out Clawdeen

Dead tired Ghoulia

Gloom Beach Frankie

Gloom Beach Clawdeen

Gloom Beach Draculara

Gloom Beach Cleo

Skull Shores Ghoulia

Science class Lagoona

Dawn of the dance Frankie

Day at the Maul Fashion pack Frankie (doll included)

I can take photos, and I'm still in the process of listing more.

I have more photos listed on my sales blog here  (you'll need to scroll down and go from page to page) You are welcome to offer on my other items there too.

as well, and positive feedback from previous transactions here, Den of Angels, Ebay, and the Pokemon collectors community.

When given the opportunity, I'll update this with the rest I have and in order.

If you're curious about specifics I have and are willing to make an offer immediately, please post or message.

Thank you.

I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules here too, I haven't posted in a while.

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Hello. I am interested in Toralei, Jackson, 2 of your Cupids and Dead Tired Frankie Cleo and Ghoulia. What would you want for all of them?
I am also interested in the Dead Tired collection, Frankie Cleo Ghoulia. If you have any remaining Cupids, I'd like one, too. Also original Spectra and possibly Abbey. I'm sending a friend request so we can message each other.

I'm interested Little Dead Riding Wolf.

I also sent you a friend request! I hope hear from you soon.

Interested in DT frankie, cleo, ghoulia also

Interested in spectra clawdeen wave 2 and Jackson can pay IMMEDIATELY
I'm interested in loose clothing items for the boys , and 1st wave Ghoulia.. Sending an FR let me know ... Thanks
Just wanted to let you all know that I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm currently at work.

Sent a friend request so we can message! :)

Interested in all dead tired dolls and a bunch of others. Sending a fr

Interested in DT Frankie, Cleo, Ghoulia
1600 Cupid
and the Tochic, Lugario, and Mew pokemon figurines

I'd be interested in SO Clawdeen and the DDG 3-Pack! 


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