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Selling EUC Complete Collection, HS, Coffee Shop, Dragster, NIB Books and More

Here is the complete list of dolls and extras for sale.  These are my daughters and as you can see all are in new condition for the exception of the original packaging.  There are (2) books still in unopened packaging in this collection.  I will ship for USPS priority flat rate and combine shipping to everything that will fit in flat rate boxes.  You have the option of paying by Paypal, or I can send you a link to pay through my business website by debit or credit card.  I will not hold as these are hers and she is selling them because she has simply out grown them.  I would like to see her get some of her money back as she paid for most of them herself with allowance money.  

Dolls - Single $15 each:

  • 1st Wave Draculara
  • Goulia - Skull Beach
  • 1st Wave Jackson Jeckyl
  • Venus
  • Ghouls Rule Abbie
  • 1st Wave Operetta
  • New Ghouls at School Venus, Rebecca, and Rochelle 
  • 1st Wave Goulia
  • Beach Girls Frankie, Clawdeen and Ghoulia
  • Mad Science Laguna (Missing Locker) $10

Sets - Price listed:

  • 1st Wave Cleo and Deuce $45
  • 1st Wave Wherecats $40

New in Package:

  • Monster Makeup Sketch Portfolio $20
  • Fashion Sticker Stylist $15


  • Roadster $10
  • Coffee Bean $20
  • Highschool $35

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If Jackson isn't spoken for, I'd love to buy him from you.

No he isn't.  I just listed them a few minutes ago.  

Great, thanks.  I'll send you a friend request.

Jackson and Duece sold alone $30 each 

Interested in Wave 1 ghoulia

I don't know if I had added the note for jackson before or after you replied.  She listed him for $30 and I meant to separate him and Duece in the list.  Please let me know if that is a problem, I know it was my fault for the list. 

Konzern said:

Great, thanks.  I'll send you a friend request.

I can email you the info for paypal or add me and we can set it up. 

memekaka said:

Interested in Wave 1 ghoulia
Friend request sent

1st Wave Ghoulia is Sold 


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