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Decided to sell some of my dolls as I need the space and my interest has waned with some of the girls. I have the SDCC Villian two pack for sale as well, I picked it up for a friend who decided she no longer wanted them. All dolls are up for offer, no trades. (Sorry for the bad camera quality!)

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How much would you want for the Villains 2 Pack?

I would say atleast 65 excluding shipping

That sounds great, how much for shipping to 08027?

I'm so sorry for the late reply, are you still interested in the SDCC dolls? Shipping won't be more than 14 dollars. 

Yeah I'm still interested. :) and that sounds reasonable. Can you hold then for me until I can get money in me paypal?

Sure and no problem. :)

I just put money in my PayPal, so it should be there in a few days. I just have a few questions pertaining to the dolls, so if you could send me a friend request and we could talk over private message that'd be great. :)
Is the 2pack available?

The 2pack is no longer available, sorry!


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