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Hi! I have most of the first wave dolls and a lot of the dolls, furniture sets, and things like that from the first few years of Monster High.  everything is out of box but in mint condition.  It was never played with, just for display. email me at if you are looking for anything and we can go from there with prices and such :)

thanks for your time!

heres a list of the dolls:

**prices do not include shipping**

** each doll is out of box but come with all of their original accessories **


Skultimate rollermaze operetta - $10

Skultimate rollermaze frankie - $10

sister two pack clawdeen - $10

dead tired ghoulia - $10

Skull shores ghoulia - $10

Skull shores abbey - $10

Dot dead gorgeous spectra - $10

Ghouls rule clawdeen  - $15

Original clawdeen - $25

Original frankie - $25

Original twyla- $20

Scaris clawdeen - $15

Scaris catrine demew  - $15


headless headmistress and horse - $25

Original werecat twins- $25 together

Dawn of the dance clawdeen - $20

Dawn of the dance cleo - $20

gloom beach frankie - $15

Scary tales frankie - $15

Picture day abbey - $15

Picture day spectra - $15


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yes they are! shipping would be around $7

Do you have any i ♡ fashion dolls available?

no sorry :(


Do you still have the Dead Tire and Skull Shores Ghoulia?

yes i do!

Do you still have werecat sisters? 

yes i do!

both dolls are complete with all their tails and accessories too? and do you have their diary? 

yes they are!

Nice! I will send you an email shortly on the transaction ;)

Hi! I wonder if you received my email?


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