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Selling: Clothes, Vampire CAM, Werewolf CAM Head (PIC HEAVY)

Hey! I'm selling a few things that I've gotten but don't want anymore. Feel free to message me for more information/pictures. :)

Prices do not include shipping.

EDIT: Forgot you need some proof of identity! Here's a picture with all the items with my username/the date. Better pictures of the items follow.

Pajama Set $2 (fit similar to Bratzilla clothes/fits Bratzilla well, but I'm not sure where it's from)
CAM Dragon Shirt and Skirt Set $3
CAM Sea Monster Top $2

(All in this picture is Bratzilla clothing. I have pictures of the fit on a Monster High doll if requested. The shirt and pants are loose, but the jacket and cloak fit well.

Shoes $2.00
Shirt $1.00
Pants $1.00
Jacket $2.00
Cloak $2.00
Hat 00.50¢
Magnify Glass With Other Purchase if Wanted

CAM Vampire Doll w/ Clothing and Wig on sale here on my eBay:

CAM Werewolf Head $3

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Bump for CAM Vampire moved to eBay :)


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