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I am looking to sell all of my monster high dolls now that I'm saving up for college and other activities. I don't really have a set price that I want to sell the dolls for, so if you pitch me a price I'll let you know what I think! I'm really up for negotiation.. The dolls I have are..

1.Ghoulia Yelps (Original)

2. Ghoulia Yelps (Dead Tired)

3. Clawdeen Wolf (Original)

4. Clawdeen Wolf (School's Out)

5. Lagoona Blue (Original)

6. Cleo De Nile (Original)

7. Holt Hyde (Original)

8. Deuce Gorgon (Original)

9. Abbey Bominable (Original)

10. Draculaura (Set with Clawd + Fashion Pack)

11. Draculaura (Gloom Beach)

12. Frankie Stein (Dawn of the Dance)

13. Jackson Jekyll (Gloom Beach)

14. Clawd Wolf (Set with Draculaura)

15. Spectra Vondergeist (Original)

16. Frankie Stein's bed

17. Draculaura's bed

Each doll will come with it's original stand (if it came with one), accessories, and any extra clothing sets I may have gotten for the dolls, but they are not in the original boxes. Just let me know if you're interested in any of these. 

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Just interested in Clawd now.

I don't know if you're still interested in these two dolls, but if you are please let me know! I wasn't able to use the site or internet for a while, but I am available to discuss this now!

curious about cleo :3 sent an fr

I accepted your fr, just message me about price and we can talk! ((:


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