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I think it'd be cool if we had some sort of Secret Santa thing, for the Christmas Season! I'm sure most of you know how Secret Santa works, but I'll explain it for anyone who doesn't.

Everyone participating is assigned someone. For example, let's say Emily, Sue, Mary, John, Ed, and Bob are all playing Secret Santa. Emily might get assigned Ed. The facilitator would assign the partners. Now, Ed would not know Emily was assigned to him! Because Ed would be assigned his own partner, for instance, Sue. Now, Emily would have to get Ed a gift, and Ed would have to get Sue a gift, and Sue would have to get whoever her partner was a gift. But Ed doesn't know Emily is getting him a gift, and Sue wouldn't know Ed is getting her a gift, etc. Easy? 

Considering we're on an internet fansite giving someone a tangible gift would be a pain. So instead of buying our partners gifts, we'd for instance, draw them something. Or write them something. (by write I mean a fanfic of sorts). I suggest drawing them something, because I'm not sure how you would write someone a fanfic unless it's like a one page Christmas thing, but eh, maybe you could! Or hey, if you can't draw, and you don't wanna write fic, you could get someone to draw them something for you, and give it to them with the gift being having gotten the other person to draw them something. Hey, I have no idea what you could get someone, as long as it's strictly over the internet. Nothing tangible! and nothing of real value... well art has value, but I think you get what I mean. We're only giving small, internet gifts. ^^;;

So, if you wanna participate in this, comment here with something along the lines of "I'd like to participate in Secret Santa," and any questions you might have. Then I (the facilitator) would Private Message you your partner. Don't tell your partner you're their Secret Santa; that ruins the fun! It'd be helpful if you cleared your gift with me first (to make sure it'd work and it's not too big or whatever worries you have) but you don't have to. 

Alright, that's all, if you'd like to participate, please comment! ^^

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I'll get to work on it. We have guests in the house, but it should be up tomorrow. You said you like the Clawdeen-Ula D pairing right?
The deadline for late gifts is officially December 5th, I hope anyone who missed the first deadline gets it in this time.

Crap, I meant January... ignore that @_@

Electra said:

The deadline for late gifts is officially December 5th, I hope anyone who missed the first deadline gets it in this time.

Better late than never! >_< Sorry the hair is... wonky. *angsts over the hair* stupid pink streaks! >_/p>

Hey Electra ill volunteer to draw for someone who didnt get their gift!  Just let me know who their fave character is as well.  my original drawing for my secret santa is here:

so i dont mind doing another one! 

Still haven't gotten mine. Who else hasn't?

I haven't gotten mine yet.

I got mine. thank you Ella.


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