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Please read everything before asking questions, it's tiring to repeat myself when I have already spoken once.

I am selling my SDCC Ghoulia Yelps. She has been out of box, and displayed in a collectors home. She comes with her badge, action figure, big comic and little one, two bags and two goggles. She has her stand as well.

To sweeten this deal, I am including nude basic ghoulia- glasses, headband included- and a nude gloom beach ghoulia.

She is hard to find, and will only be harder to get. I am not selling her for much lower than her asking price or I will keep her. I find the lowball offers insulting a little...she is a collectors item that you will never see again, so no, I am not accepting your 50$ offer.

Picture of her is attached below. I have the right to refuse sale, etc. I will include some extra goodies with her, and ship USPS Priority with Tracking Confirmation. Shipping & Handling will be an extra 10$. I can also ship overseas, but this will cost more if the buyer is wanting to pay for shipping.

Sorry if I come off rude, it's not my intention. I am however, an adult and have been in the collecting game awhile, so I know what's going on. Thank you for your interest.

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Can i see a picture of ghoulia complete set. What about original box ?


can you add a better picture with badge and toy visible. Please

Added pics of accessories.

i just sent you an friend request. im interested on ghoulia.



Can I see pics of Clawdeen and Frankie?

Interested in Deuce. Can I see some pics




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