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It takes a special kind of mummy to command the attention of the San Diego Comic-Con convention center and we think Nefera is just the ghoul to do it! Check out our scary-cute SDCC exclusive vinyl!

I had half expected them to do an exclusive vinyl.  Thanks, Mattel, you've managed to crush both me and my sister this year.  But hey, it's not her basic look.  That's a plus, right?  

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I'm not too surprised at $20, though I agree with you.  I had expected $10, but it's not surprising.

looks like this wont be a hot item..its still available for pre order for comic con...cant say much for the other sdcc dolls...!!!

She maybe the first Monster High item that everyone can buy during the "after party" sale. XD

yeah more than likely... i ended up buying 3..she better be fancy!!!

I'm pretty excited to see the packaging for her and the villains. They've been really amazing these past years. :)


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