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It takes a special kind of mummy to command the attention of the San Diego Comic-Con convention center and we think Nefera is just the ghoul to do it! Check out our scary-cute SDCC exclusive vinyl!

I had half expected them to do an exclusive vinyl.  Thanks, Mattel, you've managed to crush both me and my sister this year.  But hey, it's not her basic look.  That's a plus, right?  

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this is probably going to stop me from starting the vinyl collection. I'm glad I waited until this because i really can't bear any more exclusives. I also can't figure out why she's in her BYBY clothes instead of her basic one, way to mess with my OCD mattel. really.

I've been getting vinyls for two reasons.  They're adorable and my dad doesn't like to leave the store without both my sister and I getting something, so he picks me out a vinyl.  I want to get most of them, I hate the chase onesl, but I think now it's maybe going to be just regular releases, no chase and no SDCC.  If that.

Really wouldn't be surprised to see store exclusive ones now.

I think she's in her BYBY clothes because the wide release will have her in her regular clothes (maybe?).

they'd need to make a completely new sculpt though because the BYBY has the crystal crown while the basic whould have that gold dome thingy

Or we hope at least.  Maybe she's in her BYBY clothes, because year of the villain?  You've got Royal Raven queen, Whisp and Val, and now Nefera, who seems to be the one causing trouble in BYBY.

I just do not understand Mattel's logic here... From that picture, nothing about the vinyl makes it worthy of an SDCC exclusive. I'd understand if she's some sort of special quality (maybe she is), but from looks I don't see anything special that would make her worthy to be the first vinyl SDCC exclusive for Monster High.

Is she the first one to have a vinyl that isn't in her 'basic' outfit? Even so, I wouldn't find that special enough to make an SDCC exclusive out of it, so I don't know...

Yes, unless you count the chase variants, though they don't really have outfits.  I don't mind the SDCC ones having another outfit, so long as the basic gets a wide release, but can we really see Mattel having that logic?

I saw this listed on Toot's Toys for $999.99 and no that's not a typo from me!

I checked eBay when my sister first showed me, and preorders were between 50-75.  I just keep thinking she'll settle around $50, but honestly, I don't really know.  I can't imagine her being as much as Val and Whisp, much less $999.99!  The vinyls don't seem to hold as much attention as the dolls themselves, but this IS Nefera, popular and pricey for a couple of reasons.

it looks really nice but the UK doesn't have the vinyl figures anyway I've not seen them anyway but maybe we will later, and yes the wide release will probably be her basic I think they might find a way to do every character.

I hope so, anyway!  There is far too little Holt for my liking, so with Nefera finally getting some love, maybe there's more Holt in my future.  

The vinyls kind of sit in our area, with the exception of Toralei, Skelita, and Spectra, they're kind of difficult to find. 

this thing is gonna be $20 at comic better come in a nice fancy case...


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