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I'm so excited! My Fraankie was delivered today! I will open her as soon as I get home from work and carefully remove her from the packaging! I have plans of how to use her in my Dead-luxe School!

good news! I was able to get the Steams two pack on Amazon for $70 free shipping and I didnt need Prime membership.

still sucks that Matty never had it at their site...

Im curious if the set is gonna show up elsewhere...maybe a store exclusive with less elaborate packaging?

Has anyone's SDCC Katana shipped yet? Because mine hasn't and I'm starting to worry. I've ordered from Matty before (when I bought Kieran and Whisp last year) and it shipped on the same day. It's been exactly two weeks now.

Mine just shipped about two(?) days ago. I was getting impatient and it said on the site it might take 5 to 7 days to ship but it took longer than that, but I'm just happy that I'm getting my doll.

Thank you for writing back! :D

Your response made me feel better. As long as I knew that she was being shipped out.
As it turns out, I got the email that she shipped a couple hours after reading your reply! Yay!

My Katana came today! She sure did take her time getting here, and all I was thinking while I was waiting is 'No way is a doll worth this much aggravation'...I opened her up, had one look at her, and to me, the big wait was worth it. She's absolutely beautiful. I almost didn't want to take her out of the box with how awesomely she was posed in there. She wasn't too hard to get out, some rubber bands and a plastic tie in her head (Ugh!), her outfit and boots are amazing, her hair is soft, not one hint of wonk on the face paint, overall she's epic and I love her. The box itself is worth keeping, the art on it is amazing.

I was going to include a photo in my last comment, but my phone was dead. Anyway, here she is! 


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