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where am I supposed to register at MattyCollecters site so i can purchase the Steam set next Monday? is it where it says email sign up or Matty Newsletter sign up? or do I have to get one of those Heman/Thundercats subscriptions?

I'm gonna be up bright and early on Monday so I have a shot at getting Katana. I've always loved comic book art, even though I've never really read comics, and I think she's beautiful. I like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Bumblebee from the DC girls line too, but I haven't gotten around to getting them yet.

It would appear that neither of the Monster High SDCC exclusives are gonna be available @ the after sale :(

I've never ordered off Matty before and especially not the SDCC after-sale...Do things tend to sell out in seconds or will I have a bit more time? I put all my info in the autofill to save me some seconds, lol...I just really want Katana. I'd rather not shell out scalper prices unless I have to. 

how did you put your info into the site beforehand? I want to register b4 monday but I dont know where Im supposed to do that on the site.

I put all my info into the Google Chrome autofill so that I can just click and everything will be filled in. I think when you add the item to your cart and go to check out, it asks for all of your info then if you're not already a member. :) I looked all over the site trying to register beforehand too, but it doesn't look like you can.

oh ok thanks! I'll try to see if I can use Google Chrome.

Well I managed to get Katana for my kid, but yep, as far as I can tell there were no MH dolls at all. The last news update had taken them off as well. Claire, I hope you got Katana! I'm still seeing it in stock.

I GOT HER! I'm so stoked. I had a rough weekend at work and I wanted this little treat for myself. :)

I was gonna get Katana but just realized they dont even take PayPal.

oh well...what I really wanted was the Steams 2 pack anyway.

guess its off to eBay for me.

I wonder why they don't have the Monster High sets for sale, did they sell out at the con? Also no EAH Puppet Cedar, but she creeps the heck out of me. >:P

maybe they made less numbers of them then previous sdcc dolls expecting it to not be as popular?

congrats on getting Katana btw, she's a stunning doll. I would have gotten her myself but Im also paying off a bjd this year and Im just maxed out on $$$. I was gonna get her when i saw she was still available on Matty to see if I could trade her later for Steams set...though i would have probably ended up keeping her, lol.


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