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congrats Claire! I was pretty happy I at least got her with no trouble.

There are still Steam sets on Amazon with prime shipping if anyone's looking; I went ahead and got one since the mattycollector sale was a fail. tbh, with shipping and tax the matty sets were going to be about $55 so it's just an extra $20 for the amazon sets. #donewithxmas

do you need to have a Prime account to get the free shipping?

I actually don't know? I have prime so it always shows as the option, but I think it's still free as long as you spend over $35? Worth checking on!

it shows up for me as free with purchase over $49...I guess Im good then. Just need to wait until Friday so i can get an Amazon gift card to buy it with.

Still mad Matty never put it up on their site. >:(

Katana is still available...I'm surprised, I thought she'd be more popular. She's a beautifully done doll plus she's in the new Suicide Squad movie, so I thought maybe that'd give her more appeal. And here I was freaking out that I wouldn't get her. Oh well, I'm not complaining! :)

I thought so too. I rushed to buy her. I'm very surprised. O:
And she's still available, lol.

I was stressing myself out over getting her, lol...I was willing to pay the scalper ebay prices, but only if she sold out on Matty. A friend of mine told me "Don't worry, you'll get her, if they have her for the after-sale then she probably wasn't that popular..." But I knew that in the past they'd had exclusives left over from the con and they STILL sold out quickly. So there I was, camped out at my computer, refreshing just as the sale started...Then I had complications making a password for the site, and I was in freak out mode, thinking "OH GOD OH GOD I'M GONNA MISS HER" But it turns out I was all stressed out over nothing.

Hey, if she's still there after my New York trip this weekend I might buy a second to keep in the box, 'cause I'm definitely taking this first one I got out. XD I wanna pose her on her stand and make her hold her little weapons and put her next to the other Super Hero Girls dolls I want to get...My number one priority is Harley Quinn, but OF COURSE she's always the first one that sells out, but at the Walmart I work at there's one left, hiding waaaaay in the back on the shelf, I hope no one finds her. XD I also want Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Bumblebee. Ooh and when they release Starfire I want her too! :D

According to the website, she's finally "almost gone", LOL.
I hope you got your second one!

You're so lucky to have them at your Wal-mart! I still haven't seen any of them in person yet! D;
I want Wonder Woman and Batgirl!
I'm excited for Starfire! I can't wait until she gets released. Her pictures look great! Although, I do wish her hair was more red. Poison Ivy and Batgirl already have similar coloured hair... (^^)"

Does anyone who's ordered from Matty before know how long it takes them to ship orders out? It's been three days and no status update on my Katana, it's still 'order being processed' or something like that...I went to their facebook page and saw some people complaining that they ordered in July and still hadn't received their products in August. :O Am I just being too impatient or should I worry?

EDIT: Just read the FAQ, apparently it takes five to seven business days to leave the warehouse, so I'm just too impatient. If it takes longer than that, THEN I'll start worrying. XD

did Mattel just surpass MattyCollector and sell the Robecca/Hexiciah sets directly to scalpers? Im seeing so many sets on eBay. And they jacked up the price of the one on Amazon before I had a chance to buy it. Dont know if I'll ever be able to get this set now.

Robecca's shininess has grown on me and I decided to check ebay just for the heck of it, thinking maybe next week after my trip I might get a set...Yeah, there's a ton there, but then again I've seen pictures from SDCC of resellers buying CASES of the dolls in previous years so I'm not surprised. It's funny though, last year Valentine and Whisp I think were available for two days(?) before they sold out...Maybe since they weren't as popular, they made less of this year's set, as mentioned in a earlier reply in this thread. There are also a lot of the Ghostbuster Frankie, and it seems a lot of people bought the puppet Cedar EAH exclusive to scalp since there's a TON of her, but no one seems to be buying. Must be because she's so HECKIN' SCARY. On a sorta related EAH note, I found a reasonably priced SDCC Raven Queen so I might not have to settle for the re-release that's out in stores now, we'll see. :)

You mean HEXing scary? ;)


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