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They're all on Amazon! :)

Amazon, really? didnt even think to look for SDCC exclusives there!

I went to MattyCollector to make sure my info was all current and I noticed that some items say "Sold Out" and some say "No Longer Available". Often "sold out" is used when things are going to restock, so my sad guess is that "No Longer Available" items will not be in the sale on Monday, which means no Robecca. TIRESOME, MATTEL, TIRESOME. 

If I may, no, you won't be getting them from Matty as the stock is exhausted. You won't be finding them for retail price anywhere now. BUT, I can tell you, paying an extra 30 bucks on Amazon is completely worth it. This is such a nice set and something that's, admittedly, a bit expensive now, but you will never regret it. They'll be gone soon enough and you'll be kicking yourself that you had the chance and blew it off for 30 bucks. Not to mention on Prime you get 2 day shipping for free! Almost no wait!
Well we'll see! But I'd be shocked if there are any Robecca packs left, and if there are...good luck to you! Lol
I really like the exclusive dolls. I love how Robecca has a metallic body that shines and is in the Hauntlywood Movie Premiere outfit so hany fans wanted to see in doll form. The Ghostbusters Frankie is my favorite version and she beat out Recharge Frankie which was my favorite due to her paint coloration and design. I like how she has the full outfit complete with the catcher and mini Slimer but there should also have been a Clawdeen, Ghoulia, and Cleo to complete the MH Ghostbusters. I'd get both exclusives if only I had the money. I'd really love to have that Frankie. I would also love to have Puppet Cedar as well as I had planned on buying every Cedar and Ginger doll released and I am missing one for Ginger and now two of Cedar, one of which I'll never get now.
I found an auction on eBay for Ghostbusters Frankie NIB with a couple of bids and a low starting point. I am currently in the lead but it could change since the bidding ends in a couple of days. Shipping is about $15 but if I actually win Frankie for $10 I'd say that I got a grwat deal! The lister mentioned wear on the box but I don't mind. Frankie will look great in my collection!

Does anyone know if there are any Katana dolls left for the after-sale? If there isn't I can get her off of ebay no problem but I'd like to try my hand at getting her at a lower price if I can.

I'm curious to know why they choose to make the SDCC Frankie the reboot version (i.e. The one most all adult collectors hate as) as opposed to the classic one. It's odd. I mean thankfully it doesn't matter too much because how much is covering her face and body, but still. And then Robecca is still G1.
I can't wait for mine to arrive, I hope she is more pre-reboot.
I'd love to see a photo when you unbox her.
Nah, I took mine out and she's 100 percent reboot. Promise!
I can't believe it! I won Ghostbusters Frankie! Sure I had to bid $40 but it was worth it! I know deboxing decreases value but I plan on removing her very carefully and displaying her on a shelf. She'll look great for Halloween!


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