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I would like to know as well, I really want the Steams 2 pack.

No sign of it yet. I did figure out that last year they only announced it a few days before. So my guess is that it'll be on Monday August 8th and announced end of next week, but I'm keeping an eye out for any news.

I was surprised to discover that Matty Collector is being shut down, and it looks like only the He-Man/She-Ra line will continue. Not sure what that means for SDCC exclusives, other than they won't be selling them through the website.

thats too bad, so the only place to get SDCC Monster High/Ever After High exclusives are Ebay online scalpers. :(

I hope they haven't cancelled the Steams set b/c of little interest online.

Oh no, it ends AFTER this year. I think this year's dolls will still be online, I think Matty Collector shuts down later in the fall. So no SDCC stuff after this year, it looks like. 

hopefully some other online toy store will get the chance to pick up the rights for selling SDCC exclusives online.

Or maybe Mattel can just sell their own exclusive stuff online in their own shop after the Con...

mattycollector makes the SDCC exclusives, so I don't know that there are going to be any more after this year. 

From Facebook: SDCC After-Party Sale: Your last chance to snag the SDCC-exclusive collectibles you want is coming soon! Get to at 9 a.m. on Monday, August 15 to choose from more than a dozen unique items from Monster High®, HALO®, Ghostbusters™, WWE®, and more. Some of them are down to very limited quantities, so make your wish list and get ready to shop early!

ooh thanks for the info! now I just need to remember the date!  & remind myself that i need to wake up early that day!

do you need to register at Matty's first to buy anything there? Id like to get that done now if they dont let you just do a quick purchase with Paypal.

We registered beforehand, also signed in before the sales started to make checkout quicker (it said on the last sale the item isn't yours til you've checked out)
I think my friend bought a gift card beforehand to store her card details if that helps.

Thanks Angela!! I hadn't thought to check facebook for some reason. Fingers crossed the 2-pack is on there! (And that I have amazing luck!)

Just ordered Robecca and Hexiciah! I'm SO excited to get them! I did pay 75 dollars for the pack, but it's worth it to me. I think this pack will be worth a lot one day. I also have Ghosbuster Frankie and she's terrific. Her jumpsuit is extremely well maid and the detail on her is immense. In my opinion they did a very good job this year on Monster High. (But I also love last years Whisp and Valentine and I know they're not that popular)

Congrats! where did you order them from?


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