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Do we have any reveals from yesterday?  It just feels like Mattel doesn't even care anymore

Electrified Draculaura and Silvi Timberwolf,daughter of the Grey Werewolves

Twyla looks gorgeous

PInapple deuce is legit the funniest thing i've seen today. I can't stop laughing.

Wow I need that Twyla she is all kinds of awesome, her hair is so big and her outfit she is so 80's tastic I knew she would be good but I didn't expect to be this awesome wow, my favourite so far the one I am looking to the most from this line with Venus.

why is Deuce a pineapple and Cleo and apple? that is Cleo right? but it is so cute lol.

Only one new character revealed for 2017?

Emerging from my tomb to ask -- has anyone gotten a notice of the annual After Party post-SDCC sale? There's nothing on their site anywhere about it.

Someone said it was usually the Monday immediately after, but I've just checked some dates and it looks like it's actually about 2 weeks later. Last year it was the 27th and SDCC ended on the 12th. It's been a few years since i bothered to try but the kid is wrapping up her Monster High collection and really wants Hexekiah!


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