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It's a tie-in with 'Ghostbusters'?!  Can't wait to see it!  I hope it's a new character ... the electric boots makes me think of Frankie ....

rumors are that it could be Lilith Van Hellscream

I might be in the minority, but tying into a different series is not something I'm interesting in.  It's bad enough they've become "be like everyone else."  Now they have to get tie ins?  It'd be interesting if perhaps it was a ghost version of Frankie, who actually didn't get a doll in the Haunted line up.  Kind of looks like there's light up elements, too.

I wanna see the whole doll before I make any decision. If she's got that awful new faceup style then I will definitely give it a miss, though given I work with someone who's a ghostbusters fan they might be interested to get her.

Given we've been spoiled with a lot of double doll packs for SDCC do we think she's gonna be on her own in this - with a lot of stuff like Ghoulia's Dead Fast pack - or with another ghoul/manster?
that'd be nice, they have to have a proton pack at least! I'm excited for this, it may well be my last flurry with MH so I'm hoping it's good.

I'm kind of hoping it's Spectra, but the boots and the skin tone make me think Frankie, she's already had a SDCC doll before though, however this is reboot so could be starting again, I also see a green bandage wrapped around the leg could it be to cover up stitching? is that where her stitching is?

Personally I don't think a Ghostbusters Monster High doll fits in but whatever. I can understand the desperate move for a tie in.

I agree though. It looks like Frankie and I hope it's not a reboot doll. And I'm pretty sure it's a single pack because Mattel is super cheap now and that doesn't stop just because of SDCC.

Meet Hexiciah Steam and his daughter Robecca, the first ever father and daughter Monster High duo making their exclusive debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

I'll move my other reply to this thread:

Robecca is way shiny but I can't say I'm disappointed. What about the big fuss over the "Ghostbusters" doll? Will that just be an exclusive or something?

Also, maybe the "Ghostbusters" one is "just" a Friday the 13th doll? Like black and white Frankie or the first release of Catty?

I'm delighted to see Hexicia, i've wanted parent dolls for ages. His hand looks great.

However, i'm a little concerned his shoes/socks look to be moulded together, suggesting he may not have removable shoes. I hope i'm wrong.

Not sure I like Robecca so shiny. I get they were going for her being all new and such, but shiny plastic is often very britle and it looks ... odd. Her outfit looks like her FCA black carpet outfit, which I recall was leaked a while back with people hoping she'd finally get a release in it. Looks like this is that release.

I'm not totally sold on this set though, Robecca, aside from being shiny is a very budget looking doll imo and Hexicia has a lot of cost cuts in his production too, possibly because he's using Manny's body sculpt and it thus MASSIVE. I don't mind moulded hair, but if he has moulded leggings i'm gonna be sad.

Still.. I WANT HIM. So i'll likely fork out for the set anyway.

Oh wow, i love Robecca & Hezakiah but then i not crszy at all about her shiny skin..and i dont like that they are including a parent into the doll line..but im still crazy about this set and will definitely get it. i the only one who thinks Hezakiah is kinda hot?????? 

hot? you dont understand how long Ive been wanting a Victorian old timey mustached cyborg steampunk gent! This set was made for meee!


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