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Mattel have confirmed that the 2015 SDCC exclusive is none other than Kieran Valentine and Djinni 'Whisp' Grant.

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lol is that invisi billy's twin or alter ego? 

Ive already had my say at the Chat Forum thread. Shame on you for continuing this fan trolling Mattel...SHAME! >:(

hmm valentine looks like the cam vampire as expected and whisp looks cool but these are not really must have for me. I'm kind of glad they didn't make anything super special. You could repaint and reroot a gigi to make whisp.  So these dolls can be made. Thou if the official ones don't sell for a really stupid high price i might buy them. As repainting and rerooting gigi might be too much work for me. Thou i'll probable settle for just continued use of my cam vampire for Valentine if i can't get them. I really don't see myself playing with whisp a lot if i even had her.  

this was an epic fail from mattel..spent $150 for 3 days at comic con to get some look-a-likes...ur right these can be made with color dye..i was hoping for the wheel chair boy...they couldve sold wisp with the 13 wishes dvd release...

I am excited about these dolls. I have always wondered why there isn't already a Whisp doll. I love her.

i'm only interested in valentine tbh

I am relieved it's not finnegan or johnny, but at the same time, baffled by this pairing. it's... so random. So utterly and completely random.

Valentine really does look like the vampire cam redressed and Whisp? i've never understood the obsession with her. I'm undecided as to whether I even want this set tbh...

I ... kinda want Valentine but... at the same time he's not really an interesting antagonist or character and whisp is just a recolour so meh.

I'm super super relieved, I really thought Mattel were going to screw us over this year with like, Finnegan or Johnny Spirit or some Gory/Bram two pack or something.


Nope, did not see this one coming at all. We knew Whisp was a possibility and we kinda theorised Valentine might come back but wow... curveball there mattel.

I think the pair is supposed to be villains, but Whisp is now a good-ish person since the end of 13 wishes, and Val was in the comic book trying to be good so... really odd. Still rather get the EAH comic con Raven doll

So...who wants to split? Lol I only want whisp..

I just thank the Dolly Gods that it wasn't Johnny. I would have to stop collecting and burn the dolls I have.

Just excited that the exclusive isn't Johnny or Ryder/Finnegan!!  Look forward to seeing ILF Whisp in a year or so...

Can we please join the two threads about this?


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