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Found the Mattel Monster High Exclusive super cool. Not too crazy about Cleo but boy do I love Ghoulia.

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DAMNIT! I got excited thinking I could finally get this set but after going through their system they're trying to charge SIXTY DOLLARS for international shipping! What an absolute bloody joke!

Noooo!! :c

How much is it normally to ship from here to you do you think? Maybe I or someone else could ship one to you

I think last time I was quoted it was about 60, US post is really insanely expensive and the box is pretty huge but mattel are i'm certain taking the piss here. They have a 20% off global orders voucher but it doesn't stack and doesn't do anything about the shipping cost. The cyberdeal voucher is more generous.

Sadly i think even with their deal taking the final cost down to $18 shipping is still prohibitive. I mean 60 bucks to ship a box is ridiculous.

What annoys me is that UK to US post is actually pretty dang reasonable. It's like £20 to ship a big box all the way to australia for goodness sake! And that's a heavy box.

I'll keep an eye on ebay, their crappy international shipping might come up with something *sigh* But sadly when someone tried to help me last time and got all the weights and stuff their quote was about $60 too.


I have given up on it.

I really love Ghoulia but I am too broke at the moment. And I am a cheap skate anyway! LOL I like a bargain and I became like this for dolls too.

I will love my Ghoulias even more then (like if it could be possible!)

There are not SDCC they are Mattel exclusive, and I am furious that scalpers online try pushing them as such. They are available for $39.99 & free ship through Mattel's website. Grrr!


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