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Hi, I am asking $50 and shipping is included for this SDCC 2016 Monster High 2 pack of Robecca Steam and Father. There are some blemishes due to receiving doll where the father's arm piece came off you can see it in the video link

This is my first time selling but I have good feedback here as a buyer you can check that out on my page. Paypal and US only please and thank you. 

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I'm interested.

sent a message to you 


If anybody is interested in purchasing I am willing to go to $50 dollars plus shipping for USA only please

Hello, Chris Dang,

I have a few questions, as this is indeed a "Wish List" item of mine:

1.) Are you located in the U.S.? I'm only asking because if you're outside of the U.S., I probably wouldn't be able to afford the shipping costs, no matter what.

2.) The shipping and handling costs are on top of / in addition to the $50.00, right?

3.) Would you be willing to hold the item, and for how long would you be willing to hold the item? I'm asking because my issues regard time and the earning of money; I don't want to be selfish, though, or to prevent someone with more immediate resources from purchasing this item. After all, you should have the final say about the rules of the sale, anyway.

Well, thank you for listing this item for sale, and if the item has already sold, I'd still be interested in your sales policies, including the one that deals with holding timeframes, just in case I should ever purchase a doll from you during the future.

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The Whispering Wolf

HI Whispering Wolf

Thank you for replying to answer your questions
1. Yes I am in the USA Indiana to be exact
2. That is correct the shipping and handling cost will be an additional cost depending on where you are located in the USA
3. I can hold the item for as how long I can give you a month hold I usually do not hold but you seem to be really interested so if you do need time I can hold it but if you prefer to let someone else get it that is fine as well.

But this item is still available and ready to ship out to anyone who is interested in buying them. So hopefully that answers all your questions please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know and thank you again. :)

Hello, Chris,

I've been thinking seriously about the offer, and, even though I wish that I could say, "Yes", I don't think that I'd be able to get together that kind of money within a month, so if the doll goes to someone else between now and then, that's okay with me. If, on the off chance that I am able to get that amount together between now and then, then I'll feel incredibly lucky.

As I said before, though, I don't want to be selfish, and I don't want to be unfair to you, or to anyone else (I hope that you didn't find it rude that I contacted you, without making a total commitment, to be rude, and if I sounded rude, I am very sorry), so....

I wish you lots of good luck, with regards to the sale, weather or not I end up being the recipient. You are certainly a fair and reasonable salesperson, and whomever ends up with the doll will feel very fortunate and pleased.  :)

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The Whispering Wolf 

Hi Whispering Wolf,

That is fine I understand and thank you for letting me know. If the dolls do not sell you know where to find this post.

Again thank you for replying. 


Update lower price to $50 US Dollars and shipping is included in price so overall price is $50. Please only USA and paypal Thank you. 

Hello, Chris Dang,

Are you still able to hold an item for a month?

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The Whispering Wolf


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