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Finally is here guys !!! I really don't have to much hope on it because I have the feeling we had seen everything already, I'm only excited to see Finnegan and Valentin, I'm sure will see ME wave 2, GG (to me looks like the ghouls go to Hexico with skelita I wish this so bad), the budget dolls, Sweet 1600 Draculaura and the big revealed is going to be mermaids and more mermaids... I wish to see more mansters or new characters...please share everything about the comic con, news, pics, links... And of course your thoughts

P.s. I'm still waiting for ghoul fair wave 2 with Skelita and I dream that one day we can get her brother but this is just a dream...

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The first official picture of Isi Dawndancer has been revealed. She's very pretty. Amazing details on her face. But I'll pass. I think she would be better suited for the EAH universe than MH's.

Yep, here she is!  I agree, she's pretty, but she's not screaming "Buy me!  Buy me!" at me.  My sister loves those big brown eyes, but I'm going to have to see her in person to decide if I want her or not.

She's gorgeous! This might be the first doll I buy since Casta!


She is screaming 'buy me' to me :) love everything, ears, clothes, hooves and face. I do love the monster exchange it's one of my favourite lines can't wait to see the others- bring it on!

I agree she is beautiful. Her colors, the clothes, the blue hair is an amazing contrast. I love that they gave her actually hooves. Would love to see what her hooves look like without the shoes.

I've been looking forward to her ever since her name was trademarked with the hope she would be some sort of deer creature of Native American legend.  She couldn't be more perfect!  I love the dreamcatcher motif and the Native American weaving patterns.  Her deer-like facial features and hooves are excellent details.  I cannot wait to get her!

I'm certainly not well-versed in Native American legend and folklore but I think there are beliefs that people can be corporeal offspring of spirits.  

I think Skelita was the last debut I was really excited about.  I really hope they continue the Monster Exchange line because they could do some really cool things with it.  I wish they'd send Wydowna to Death Valley or the Badlands and give her back her original 2011 SDCC western-style ensemble.

new vinyals abbey and chase clawdeen ghoulia and venus

chic du freak draculaura and skelita

as well as clawd from same line.

looks like they are singles doesn't say they are a pack.

Great idea Skelita brother. I personally don't collect mansters but I think fans would love that.

She really is a cutie! Monster Exchange w2 is the only line tempting me.

Isi in case, saying she is due out Spring 2016.


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