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Finally is here guys !!! I really don't have to much hope on it because I have the feeling we had seen everything already, I'm only excited to see Finnegan and Valentin, I'm sure will see ME wave 2, GG (to me looks like the ghouls go to Hexico with skelita I wish this so bad), the budget dolls, Sweet 1600 Draculaura and the big revealed is going to be mermaids and more mermaids... I wish to see more mansters or new characters...please share everything about the comic con, news, pics, links... And of course your thoughts

P.s. I'm still waiting for ghoul fair wave 2 with Skelita and I dream that one day we can get her brother but this is just a dream...

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Whisp is awesome. I really hope she get release soon to everyone with the changing tail included.

Wow the enthusiasm and pics have went really down this year. Even the display, a bunch of glass cases, compared to that awesome catacombs display 2 years ago is yawn worthy. So sad.

They had cases last year too, I believe.  

Honestly, the whole forums seem very inactive for SDCC, usually there's like three posts a minute, but I think it's because a lot of people here have moved on to other places, especially a few of the more vocal oldbies.

Thank you for the pics. I love this pack was not a fan of the Boo York chrome theme pieces on the doll's clothes. Does anyone know when this 3pk is getting release in stores.

Here's more of the 3 pack.
I need more than 5MB, even though 2 pics were less than 5MB. XD
Werecats and Scooter:

Isn't there usually a daily doll reveal?  Was anything 'revealed' other than what was in the display case?  Please don't tell me the big reveal was the vinyl pets.

Is this silhouetted promo pic of Isi a portent of what's to come?  I can't wait to see her!

All the Monster High displays were full, with no silhouettes that would mentioned any reveals that could be coming. They had just about all the dolls we have seen already on this site shown. Just the scarnival Draculaura, Skelita, and Clawd was 'new' to me. :)

But the only reveal sign I saw was for Ever After High.
*screams* I can't wait to see the rest of the ME dolls!! I tried to stay away from the leaked pictures but...gah, I just couldn't and they looked gorgeous.
I'm hoping Kjersti has her hat though...

I have my fingers crossed for my Whisp and Val, I'm going to really want to open them now I've seen Whisps interchangable legs but I will be strong. I will be strong.

I HAVE to go to Comic Con one year. I have to!!

the mini vinyl pets are adorable, super adorable.

Finn, i'm a little disappointed by how narrow his waist and tail are, i hope he doesn't look too strangely thin alongside the other boys. It might just be his bulky shoulders throwing off the proportions.

Looks like we're due a reveal for Isi which i'm looking forward to. I want to see all the exchange girls in detail as we haven't had anythign but a small blurry shot thus far.

Yesterday was preview night or something, which means the regular schedule should kick off really over the weekend when most stuff happens. There's usually a presentation isn't there?

I know there was a presentation last year, so fingers crossed for another this year.


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