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so Im seeing a lot of these going on "presale" on Ebay now. how legit are these sellers? Im surprised how many sellers there are who claim they will have the dolls, how the heck do they know they'll get them for sure? Do they get special shipments sent to them by Mattel? Seems kinda unfair to me.

anyway anyone here ever purchased a presale from Ebay? any sellers that are recommended? I think i might go this route b/c I doubt I'll get through MattyCollector and waiting until after the release will probably be more expensive.

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I'd advise not preordering from ebay sellers. They are in the same boat as everyone else they might have gotten a few dolls set aside with the matty collector preorder but other then that they have the same chance as anyone else buying dolls at the con next to none. Honestly some people get lucky and can fill their orders others can't. Then if you're lucky they refund if not kiss your money goodbye i believe there's only 30 days to cancel so they can rip you off if you're not careful. Then even if you get a refund you still got to hunt down the dolls again so yeah it's a lot of hassle and no guarantee no matter who you use.  you're better of waiting til after the con when you know for sure they got the dolls. Even if someone preorders for con pickup things can go wrong and they can lose the dolls for example they had no id or they lost their con badge or something. If you don't bring identification you can't pick up merchandise at the con even if you already paid. It gets worse every year. I'm not trying to rude just stating facts.

I have bought from an ebay seller last year for Cerise Wolf and this year I have ordered Raven Queen. I had no problems last year, Cerise was stunning and arrived promptly/safely. I checked the sellers feedback, and bought from someone who had a definite preorder all paid for. I know you only have their word for it, but I am in the UK so I have to buy from a reseller. This is the cheapest way for me of getting an SDCC exclusive. I found the most reasonable sellers disappear quickly and then you are left with people who really are wanting an arm and a leg for the dolls. I hope this helps :)

well let me comment cause i am both...if u wanna be safe dont buy presale unless the seller has been or sold comic con items in the past..wait til comic con happens you will find it cheaper the first 2 weeks cause there's thousands out there..ive bought frm outside websites before i started going to comic con myself and i got jacked..ebay is prob the safest website to buy them frm except for toots,entertainment and i say im both because i did like many ppl on ebay already pre ordered and paid for my wisp and valentine frm mattycollector all i gotta do is show up and pick them if u trust the seller and the price is right for you go for it...that seller might be able to show his receipt or confirmation frm mattycollector for the preorder

thanks! I think then Im going to wait until after SDCC.

ebay is prob the safest website to buy them frm except for toots,entertainment and toywiz.

do these stores do presales?


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