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From the Monster High Facebook page:

"Introducing San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, Kieran Valentine and Dhinni “Whisp” Grant! These notorious villains are looking for a second chance to make things right!"

Well, they did it again...Made the signature doll the exclusive. Whisp does't bother me too much since she's basically a recolor of Gigi but they HAD to go and make Valentine an exclusive. Now I can't have him. :(

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I think there was someone else who was just wanting Whisp, so maybe you could find someone like that and go halvsies on it? Or buy them both and put the one you don't want up on eBay?

Thank you for the ideas. I was thinking of the eBay route. (:

I mean, I have the CAM vampire boy and he already looks so similar to Valentine, but I dunno. It's just not the same. I really want Val.

Why r we going back for old characters ... could we stop and pick up Romulus or bam or one of the other boy who doll you forgot Mattel. I mean I want Val cause he is a boy but I don't care about whisp maybe if she was the end version but not shadow whisp
I'm not crazy about this set but I know that my little brother is. I'm not crazy about a recoloured GiGi but Valentine is pretty cool. I'll be be getting the set anyway so yeah. I kinda wish that they would've made Valentine a general release because he's really not... you know, exclusive type. Again, Whisp isn't really a biggie for me. Literally recoloured Gigi which I think is a pretty lame exclusive.
This set does seemed forced. I get the whole villains thing, including Nefera vinyl, but it seems forced to put them together. Are they supposed to be a couple now? I wish they would do away with couples? We should get Skelitta with her abuela. That would be so cute.

I do wish they'd reserve the SDCC Exclusive for something like the Deluxe Draculaura, but the trend seems to be in introducing new characters, unfortunately.  Although I probably would've bought Valentine if he had been released in stores, the only vamp boy I really care about is Bram.  I'm glad that neither he, Rider nor Johnny are the SDCC Exclusive, but I feel bad for those who are disappointed by this year's choice.

One happy note is a I Love Fashion Wisp will be pretty cool. ^_^

I ended up preordering them. I enjoy the SDCC dolls usually, although I'll be skipping the EAH one.


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