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From the Monster High Facebook page:

"Introducing San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, Kieran Valentine and Dhinni “Whisp” Grant! These notorious villains are looking for a second chance to make things right!"

Well, they did it again...Made the signature doll the exclusive. Whisp does't bother me too much since she's basically a recolor of Gigi but they HAD to go and make Valentine an exclusive. Now I can't have him. :(

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Did you hear that? That was my heart breaking.

Same here. I was so looking forward to Valentine, I was going to display him next to my Draculaura and everything. I can't afford to shell out $100+ on just one or two dolls anymore and I don't want to sell any of my pullips for the money. Why does Mattel insist on doing this? :(

I've been squeezing money in case it was him since my birthday in November.  I've still got about $80 left, hopefully I can build it back up.  I guess they insist because they know it'll move, though really they aren't the ones making profit, it's scalpers and resellers.

Sigh.  If anyone's going, keep me in mind, OK?

Gotta say, i'm really not impressed by this. We're basically getting the CAM vampire boy again this time in a fancy outfit (same hair!) and a reco Gigi... i was much more excited for... idk, Gilda in the 5 pack. I wish they'd mare more original student bodies instead of trying to revive some old characters... i blame the current fixation on evil characters on that boring tv show... damn you OUAT! No but really... they didn't even need to create a new head mold this year... they used gigi's... I'm finding myself more excited to get the new Monster Exchange girls... i'll be getting this because they're basics, and i'm a completist and all but really... you DID not impress me this time Mattel. Now Sashay, Away.


So they gave us billy in Gigi's colors and Gigi in Billy's colors and this is supposed to amuse us? LOL thank god I stopped collecting MH
I love Gary Oldman

I'm relieved. I was honestly thinking we were gonna get a slap in the face Johnny Spirit or Rider release. Thank goodness I was wrong.

I was actually hoping it would be Whisp, because I have zero desire for a recoloured Gigi. Which meant I could easily pass on the SDCC exclusive and save myself a chunk of cash. (and the accompanying spend guilt)

valentine really does look like the cam vampire, which is actually rather disappointing. If you were gonna do val, at least make him look like a proper character and not a custom cam.

I'm torn though, like.. on one hand new boy... but on the other, he's not really an interesting character (we've barely seen him after all) or an interesting design. His outfit's fairly nice, but I dunno.

I'm thinking that unless I can buy these at the after sale, i'm gonna pass and not lose any sleep over it. Unlike with Wydowna where i'm still angry, this set I think I can be ok with not owning.

It also means that we may actually get... omg.. store releases for Rider and a few other boys due this year. THAT is so much more exciting and a huge weight off. I was dreading this reveal and i'm actually okay with this turn of events.

Asking for Val ever since Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?, and getting him, but as an SDCC also feels like a slap to the face.  At least to me.

I don't even care about Rider getting a doll, but now I'm a little worried if he will be made without his chair.  That was not his appeal, the appeal of course is he can do whatever he pleases despite needing his chair, which is a very good trait in a character especially for people like me, but if he's getting a wide release, are they going to go all out now?  Or maybe make him like Draculaura's deluxe, a (probably very expensive) Amazon exclusive?  Is he now going to be the green skinned version that was Lorna's short lasting boyfriend?  

Great, now I'm going to have questions about Rider going through my head all day!

I have so many sad feels... ):

Can we please join the two threads about this?

I have no interest in Whisp, since I didn't even want or buy Gigi. lol.

But I want Valentine so badly. ;-;
Why Monster High... why did you do this...
I don't know if I'll get him. I just can't keep spending so much on one doll.


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