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UPDATED/WINNER: SDCC 2014 Monster High FREE Swag Giveaway!!!

Hi! It's been awhile since I've posted a discussion on here. I know there are many people on here that didn't have a chance to attend Comic Con this year. While trying to get into the Mattel line to purchase dolls was nearly impossible, getting the swag was much easier (you just had to be at the display booth at the right time as they would randomly give items out).

Anyway, I would love to spread some joy to a Monster High fan and giveaway some SDCC items. 

*I will be giving away a Monster High Bag (Manny & Iris), temporary tattoos, and a Save Frankie bracelet.

*Just tell me why you would like to win. My kids will be picking a winner soon!!! Last chance to enter!!!

*This Giveaway is only open to fans in the US. Sorry but International postage is too high for me right now.

Thanks for entering :) 

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I want to enter as well~!

I would love for you to give it to me because I love Monster High ;)
I would have loved to attend Comic Con but I suffer from Agoraphobia and Ochlophobia.  I have always had them, but it used to be minor.  Then a few years back I was coming home from Australia and I was stuck on a plane for 32 hours.  A couple of weeks after I got home, I went to the movie and the theater was packed.  As I sat there waiting for the movie to start I started to have a panic attack, just from being around that many people.  I was able to leave and make it to the car.  Luckily it isn't so bad that I don't leave my house.  I am able to go to work and the grocery store but I can't go to places with a large number of people.  I miss out on a lot because of these phobias.  I hate them and they make me feel weak and stupid.  And I try to push past my comfort levels.  Each year I save up for Comic Con.  I live 3 hours away.  And each year I back out because just seeing the pictures of all the people packed together triggers a panic attack.  A few days ago I was saying how I was really gong to do it next year and just the thought of all those people panicked me.  I had to pull over and close my eyes and make myself not think about it.  Not trying to whine.  I know my problems are not the worst out there.  Just saying why I hope you choose to give me the Comic Con Swag.  Thank you for this chance.  I am sure there is someone more deserving than me, but that is my reason I hope you choose me.  

Are you giving away the dolls of Manny and Iris? or is the bag of Manny and Iris?

It's the SDCC swag, which means she's giving away the bag. Not the pack itself.

1Dlover said:

Are you giving away the dolls of Manny and Iris? or is the bag of Manny and Iris?

I would love for you to give me a prize.

I love monster high and wish it had been around before i entered high school. Most of the kids never really understood me i used to get made fun of doing the Egyptian dance when now that would probable be considered cool in today's elementary schools because of Cleo. I used to get made fun of for flapping my hands around when i was excited but now people would understand that because of Frankie hands falling off uncontrollably. I have always been very shy and sometimes i would make old noises that people wouldn't understand because ghoulia today people can understand that sometimes it can be hard to get words to sound right. I know ghoulia technical speaks another language but you get what i mean. When i was little my cousin used to like to howl at the moon and i used to meow. I know this seems made up but I'm not lying all these things happened so you see monster high brings me back to those days but the good thing is kids growing up like me now have someone to tell them they are freaky fab the way they are. 

Updated ;)

I would love to have it for my daughter's bday, but we live in Belgium so we can't get the special monster high stuff, like exclusives from target and walmart.... so I hope that I can surprise her with a special SDCC item.

My daughter should be win because she is a big Monster high fan. I always bought her dolls once in a while but this year has been tough than other years. That's why I explained her about our situation. She reacted pretty well for her age. She is 5 turning 6 next month. Every time she sees a MH doll I see her love to them but at same time I see her kindness because she just play with doll in box and leave it without hesitate. That situation breaks my heart but at the same time make feel proud of her.Of course we are planning to give her a surprise MH doll for her birthday because she worth it. I will be more than glad if she can get that special gift from you. I cant even imaginate her face and her Sdcc items. She will be fascinated.And of course I will let her know how we get it. Anyway if somebody else get it I sure that will love it. Thanks for your kindness from a Monsterlover

oh ok I see I was a little confused but now I see.
Dashner Hawke said:

It's the SDCC swag, which means she's giving away the bag. Not the pack itself.

1Dlover said:

Are you giving away the dolls of Manny and Iris? or is the bag of Manny and Iris?

I'm not gonna write a long message about this, but mostly I'm interested in the tote bag so that I can carry my groceries home to my dorm next year in the most geeky way possible. good luck to everyone! also, i have some glittery tiger tattoos that would go nicely with the manny/iris ones, hehehe.

Bumping for anyone who didn't see ;)

I would love to win these for my daughter and myself. We have been collectimg since 2010 and love MH. we can not go to comic con and it would be cool to have something from it! Plus, my daughter loves the couples on Mh and to have a bag with a couple on it would tickle her pink. Thanks for the chance to enter.


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