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Not sure if any of you are aware but he was in charge of and was thus the reason behind the dreaded white screen as well as those stupid subscriptions and even more horrendous shipping.  I am hoping that his leaving will cause them to completely revamp how they handle the site, including the SDCC Exclusives, as well as placing limits on how many people can order.

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Matty Collector is very difficult to order from during the sdcc time. I kind of would perfer the mh and eah exclusives to be sold at the regular mattel shop or justice instead.

I agree. Maybe make the SDCC dolls exclusives to Walmart or even TRU with a limited edition type deal. I'd buy them if I had the money at Walmart especially if they are issued as being a limited edition collector's item.

Yeah.... sell them for a collector prize in some stores. Matty is a pain in the a*** and most of us end up on buying thru evil bay 


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