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"School's Out"/Wave 2 Frankie, Clawdeen, and Cleo on for $17.99

As always, sorry if this is old news. All three dolls are listed as being in stock, as of 10:25a.m., E.S.T. They're sold directly by Amazon, so orders over $25 get free shipping.



Clawdeen (19 left in stock):


Frankie (listed as "in stock," so there is apparently no danger of her selling out quickly):


Cleo (also listed as "in stock," so apparently there are quite a few available):

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Thanks so much for this!

I've been mentally kicking myself for days for not getting Clawdeen when I saw her at a local Target. And luckily it came out to what I had originally planned to pay even after s/h! The amazon had previously listed at 34.99 or so and I just couldn't pay that. Life of a poor college student. lol

Again, thanks!


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