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Every Target in my area is showing Scary Tales in stock or with limited availability. 

Either that's a fluke or they are going to be well stocked. 

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I think they are sitting in the warehouses waiting for the resets. I scanned their barcode from my phone while I was in our local store tonight and had someone get them from the warehouse for me!

Same here, but both Targets in my area had 1 case of 6 only (in the back).

I got one at Target for 22.99 last night. But on my receipt it just says "License" I think they had literally just put some out, they didn't have a shelf tag or anything. 

A friend of mine bought one off the shelf tonight. So maybe soon for everyone?

In which state are you finding the Scary Tales dolls? I am from Northern NJ and haven't had any luck.

I bypassed the toy department and had a guy who works in electronics get them out of the back.  Was afraid the toy dept wouldn't allow me to buy them yet.
Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

That's the case for me as well. I asked them for help getting them out of the back, but they are not giving them up. They are holding onto them until the resets. Congratulations to people who have used the DCPI and were given the dolls. You were lucky.
Ann said:

Same here, but both Targets in my area had 1 case of 6 only (in the back).

@Ann - what state?

Fargo ND & across the border in MN.  The inventory checker was showing available at every Target up to 125 miles away.

Bring the DPCI # with you - they wll need this.
PurpleLynnie said:

@Ann - what state?

They have them in the stock rooms, but i believe they only have a limited supply. 

The Target nearest me have six of them in the back, but it said that the location was "unavailable". My store said they likely won't be on the shelves until Monday or Tuesday. For that Target at least. ^^;

I think the electronics people are the way to go! my husband took our 9 yr old daughter to Target with him last weekend and she hunted down an employee (just happened to be an electronics employee) to ask about the dolls. He needed the DPCI # to search for them, so she called me to get the number. My husband - who was rather embarrassed by the whole thing - said the employee was very nice to our daughter and even went into the stockroom twice because she changed her mind about which doll she wanted to buy. The stores must all be waiting for the reset because the employee took the box of dolls back into the stockroom and, as of this morning when I checked the mobile site, the store still had them in stock. We're in IL.

Well, in my neck of the woods, all the stores are showing available, but I go in with the DPCI number and I get told that there are none.  Only one guy from electronics was nice enough to explain about the resets, and we even chatted a bit about the scalper problem; everyone else acted like they wanted me to hurry up and get out of their way.  Grrr...


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