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I have a couple of questions about this line.
Is the line replacing the where's Frankie line and will it be a Walmart exclusive. I found a Draculaura from the line today. She is the only one they had but the number in stock matched the same number as the save Frankie line at that store and another close by store. These have only been seen at Walmart so far I am just curious if anybody knows if they are an exclusive and replacing the Safe Frankie line.
Thanks for any assistance.

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I don't think they are exclusive.  They are available online through Toot's Toys (but are currently sold out), Lloyd's Toys, Amazon and eBay.

How much is the retail price for Draculaura?  The online prices seem to be twice to four times more expensive than general budget line dolls.

Ok well then maybe they had them in the backroom. No one was working in toys so the photo dept associate was trying to help me. The draculaura was 14.97.

I found them at Asda so I thought they might be, I always dreaded they would be but since I found I guess it doesn't matter too much but for the people trying to find it might, they had 2 Clawds and 2 Skelita's and a few Draculauras, I was lucky to go in there at the right, this wasn't a huge store it was a little, they don't usually carry exclusives I'm glad I paid attention when seeing Draculaura at front because before the Freaky Field trip line was there and now it's in it's place so that's good, now they don't have Clawd though but bigger stores might, I dreaded because it was a pain to find save Frankie Jackson I couldn't find him at all and eventually I bit the bullet and ordered him online for twice as much, so if it's not exclusive then it will likely show up in other stores, I was actually Ghoul Fair would be in the same store but I guess not I haven't seen them in any other stores yet.

So I checked with Target and Toysrus today and neither one of the systems recognized the Draculaura barcode.

I've only seen the Scarnival at walmarts and the Ghoul Fair only at targets when they first came out but I'm now starting to see Ghoul Fair at walmarts too so Scarnival could still make to targets. Usually alot of these secondary budget lines don't even make it to regular stores I tend to see them at Alternative channel stores only or at least when they first come out. Coffin bean I only saw them at Big Lots.


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