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Scaris two Pack with Lagoona and Cleo pictures! Update 2 with more pictures by me

They were found in Germany,not by me,but two people found them already and put them on ebay:

Edit:Now more people found it in Germany at the Toys R us,here is a out of the box picture of them:

Edit2:Today I went to my local Toys R us and i had the luck to find them ! They were there eight times.I swear the dolls are so much more beautiful in real :-) Cleo and Lagoona going shopping together reminds me of a scene in Lagoonas diary,in which she said that she met Cleo at the Maul and Cleo made her the offer to buy her a lot of clothes because she thought that Lagoona can´t afford it.

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Aaaand they're gone. D: That's a good thing for me at the moment since I DO NOT have the money to spend on them >.< Curse you, high gas prices!

craziesmonkey said:

Cleo and Lagoona set is now on Toysrus online for shipping, right now


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