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Scaris two Pack with Lagoona and Cleo pictures! Update 2 with more pictures by me

They were found in Germany,not by me,but two people found them already and put them on ebay:

Edit:Now more people found it in Germany at the Toys R us,here is a out of the box picture of them:

Edit2:Today I went to my local Toys R us and i had the luck to find them ! They were there eight times.I swear the dolls are so much more beautiful in real :-) Cleo and Lagoona going shopping together reminds me of a scene in Lagoonas diary,in which she said that she met Cleo at the Maul and Cleo made her the offer to buy her a lot of clothes because she thought that Lagoona can´t afford it.

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And without the "mhr" watermark :

Source : Monster High Collection

@Alice Cullen

Thank you soooooooo much,that´s so nice from you!

The Scaris 2 Pack was today available at the German TRU Online Store and was sold out within eight hours.It´s so crazy.

Sorry cant read through the entire thread........but has anyone heard the ETA on this for the states?

Does anyone know if the pack comes with 2 stands?

Emily said:

Does anyone know if the pack comes with 2 stands?

Someone on another forum who has the set said it does come with 2 black stands.

any idea of when this will hit the usa aubrey reallyw ants it hoping to have it by march sixth her bday lmk guys  greats picsk oo;)

dear ophale would you consider gettign me a set of theee i can pp u for them i know shipping might be steep to the usa but our toys r us is very crappy here  doesnt get all the tru exclusives and i dont dirve bc im legally blind so if we do get ti the scalpers beat me t  what goodies do arrive please let me know thank you

I like the octopus on Lagoona's head, lol. It's cute. (: But I'm not really interested in getting these two.

I think Cleo's actual doll looks cute (although still not my favourite of hers) but I don't really like the outfit :(

& I'm so disappointed by Lagoona! She was always one of my favourites in the originals but that version looks so disappointing and bland :(  I thought the Scaris dolls should be so classy and fashion forward, I love the Catrine and Rochelle dolls, and Frankie too actually, but those two just don't catch me :( Shame

Kind of glad that's two I don't have to search high and low for though lol =X

They are up on the Dutch toys-r-us as well

I mailed toys-r-us on Monday(asking when they will be up on the Dutch website), got an email back on Tuesday(saying they will be up soon) they were put on the website Wednesday(as out of stock), and I ordered them todaySo at least within Europe it might work to ask when they will be up, don't know if it would work for other continents

also check the price before buying, yesterday the price was listed as €44,99 , today it is €34,99 . So the site might have them listed for a much higher price at first

i can not wait un till they are at my toysrus!!!!

l Iike this! :)


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