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Scaris dolls hit the shelves NOW! *** Edited with more photos 9/11/2012

Now Monster High Scaris are out, we dont know where, but I found this photos of a warehouse!!!! Keep looking for Toys R Us and other shops

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God I hope they show up here in MN soon. I was getting bored with the lull in releases there. Though sadly this is in time for the holiday rush, so I better dust off the riot gear in the mean time. Lol

Wow! Exciting! :D

I can't wait to see more of Jinafire! Skelita's skeleton body did not disappoint, I'm sure she won't either ;)

Yaaaaay! Can't wait to get my claws on them!

Depending where this warehouse is, and when this picture was taken -- it still can be several weeks before we see them in stores.

Jinafire looks even lovelier than i thought!

These are both must haves!

*squees like a crazed teenage girl does when she meets her favorite boy band* I'm going to New Jersey today and I'll be out by my local stores every Wednesday. I am totally looking everywhere for them, especially Skelita who is my favorite of the line.

WOW - this is certainly great news!!!

However, may I please state something very important to me here on this forum and please do not take what I am about to say wrong, but would like to point out that NJ has truly suffered during Hurricane Sandy and we are continually suffering, especially now with the lack of gas! Starting today, Governor Chris Christie enacted odd-even gas rationing beginning at noon in Bergen, Passaic, and 10 other northern New Jersey counties. I do not think that it is important enough for anyone to be out "doll hunting" especially when there are so many people, including my friends, who have waiting on gas lines for hours on end in order to fill up their car tanks (in order to get to work because our husbands are police officers) and canisters to run our generators. We really need to be mindful that unless we need to be at work or need to buy gas to run generators, please stay off the road. I am not trying to "rain on your parade", but please wait this out, as like with any new doll, they will be in abundance soon for all. I hope that you can understand that I am again not trying to say anything out of line, but stating facts and just like in NY, they cancelled the Race because so many people were outraged. Just not a good idea to be doll shopping. Thanks :)


Cool what state or province?

Is that Jina's pet I see on her journal? ;3;

Hopefully Walmart, & Target will get them around the same time,, little cheaper than Toysrus.

OMG! OMG! I can't wait to see them here in Oregon. I have been eagerly waiting for these dolls since the concept art was leaked.


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