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I was on Tumblr and I see a picture from Monsterhaunt, it's a photo of the Scaris Abbey in what looks like a Big Lots

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Very cool! Pun intended XD

I notice she is now called daughter of the Yeti on her box below her name, wasn't this usually daughter of the Abominable Snowman?

So the basics are probably going to show up n places like that. I will be checking mine tomorrow.

I don't think that's Big Lots.... the tag seems off. I think that's Dollar General for some reason. 

I could be completely wrong, I don't shop either place very often but I swear that's similar to the tags I saw on DT2 there. 

I've never been in Big lots, or Dollar General, but I'll check it tomorrow if the hurricane here on the east coast turns out to be nothing.
Actually it does look like big lots
It is a Big Lots tag, never imagined that Big Lots would have them. Pretty awesome. :)

I'm going to Big Lots tomorrow.  I haven't been in lately but I do recall the tags being bright orange and white like that.  I'll let you know what if anything I find.

I was just in Big Lots a couple of days ago and noticed they had the latest Fashionista Barbie dolls, which really haven't been seen too much in all the other stores -- it's not the same, the Barbie dolls have been out for some time, just the stock was never depleted from the previous couple of releases.I still thought it was odd to see.

That's definitely a Big Lots tag.  I work at one.  We received a floor shipper of the Barbie and Monster High dolls mixed together.  MH were new DTs and Roller Maze.  We've also been getting the latest Dolls of the World line for Barbie, the first wave.  So it doesn't surprise me these newer MH dolls are appearing.  Esp. this close to Christmas.  We carried Gloom Beach, Skull Shores, Dawn of the Dance and the Ula D/Clawd and Cleo/Deuce two packs last year.

ive never found MH at my BIg Lots, hopefully this time i'll get lucky. thanks for the heads up. 

cool, the hair is not very original but I love the dress

Nothing here. If these are coming in the black endcap displays like DT2 and RM could they be showing up at Love's again?


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