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Scarah will be available for sale on 7/23

Toy Fans,

Didn’t make it to SDCC or your favorites were sold out by the time you got there? It’s alright… the toy party rocks on here at! Here’s everything you need to know:

Sale Starts: 7/23 9 a.m. PT
Sale Ends: 8/6 11:59 p.m. PT

  • MOTUC Vykron™ “Tank Top”
  • MOTUC Vykron™ “Space Ace”
  • Batman™ The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters® Figure
  • DCU Tiny Titans
  • DC Comics Vertigo™ Death
  • Disney • Pixar Cars Mater
  • Ghostbusters™ Zuul
  • Monster High® Scarah Screams™ Doll
  • Polly Pocket® DC Comics Villains Set

If you see something you want, don’t wait – like all epic events, this one won’t last forever. Quantities on these items are limited so get them while you can!

Remember, the sale starts Monday 7/23 at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET). Want an email reminder? Click here to register. Or, join me on FacebookTwitter and in our Fan Forums and you’ll get reminders there, too.




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"are you so blind as to see all the people repling to you are simply doing that REPLYING TO YOU! you are the one thta took the "SHOT" as you determine it as "adult colelctors" and then constantly contradict everything you are complaining about." That doesn't sound particularly calm to me, except for the last part. 

I am not trying to pick a fight- just pointing out the facts, okay? And please try to type properly, I can't even understand the last sentence! ("I do not see why....")

weird wolf said:

imnot juping to any conclusions im replying to a post someone made as are the others. i do not see why as adults we should be the blame as for calming down i amperfectley calm thankyou very much.
Victoria Niccals said:

Can everyone please grow up a bit? I know it's pretty much none of my business and I'm actually butting in right now, but I can't stand this no-point "argument" anymore.

Myra de Leon: reding your texts, I think that you are not buying the dolls for your kids that don't want them- I think that your kids do want them, but they don't whine and cry and ask for them 34987 times a day, am I right? If that is true, then the people here have misunderstood you. I understand what you mean about the adults that buy the dolls to make a buck, AKA scalpers. They are the ones that ruin the whole franchise for us.

Weird wolf: calm down, honey. Keep the "argument" calm! Myra got defensive, and that's kind of logical if you think that both you and Justin are accusing her of something I don't think she does. (Yes, she could have phrased her point a better way, I know, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions like that)

Someone has just him for sale in the Buy Sell Trade forum for $30

MonsterHighMommy said:

Oh thank you! That would be so awesome! He was the one out of the box she really wanted!

Werewolfsisters72 said:

Aww ... tell your daughter that I'm really sorry, but I'll soon be posting a tutorial on how to make your own HooDude.

MonsterHighMommy said:

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everyone that didn't get them. I have a hysterical 3 year old. I think they only thing that would cheer her up is Gil Webber. Both he and Hoodude have been her 2 favorites (again I don't know why because I'm much more fond of Abbey, and Spectra, even Duece). They are the ones she has wanted most. She wanted Hoodude before there was every a doll. This sucks!

Reno Kun said:

Glad I'm not the only one crying....

MonsterHighMommy said:

Was anyone able to get a spare second? I was going to buy two and never got through. Now I have a crying little girl.


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