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The last 3 times I got an alert that these were avail. I could not order?
I was online in 30 seconds and No ship to home option? I know TRU had a 1 doll limit, butI could not even get 1. Then I read they sold out in 15 min avg time, all the last 3x's. what's up?

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Unfortunately the same for me. I have checked my local TRU (Northern, NJ) and did not have any luck. My daughter, who is 10 loves MH, but isn't so thrilled about Scarah and all the more reason I thought to take her to the store and let her see the doll in person prior to purchasing her. Not sure why there isn't a ship-to-home option????

BTW...she has close to 100 dolls already (collecting for a few years) and I told her that at this point, we are only collecting new character dolls. I prefer not to get any repeats (same doll-different line/theme). It is getting way too expensive, plus I am running out of room. She has far too many of the same main character dolls. When I was little, I collected Barbie dolls and just used to get the new outfits and add-ons (i.e. Town House, Car, Boat, etc). There wasn't really a need to get every Barbie doll ever made. Only the "specialty" dolls were purchased and given to me for special occasions as well as for good grades. To me, that was just fine.

However, I am finding that it is really hard to get a hold of the new character dolls unless you buy online, which isn't always the greatest.

Haven't tried ordering her online, but I have noticed TRU has stopped getting shipments of her in, presumably due to the large number of Clawdeens clogging shelves. I guess that's the downside to having 3/3 cases when one doll is waaayyyy more popular than the other. The same thing is happening with Voltageous/Cat Tastrophe from what I've read on here (not that I've seen a new PG on shelves yet), where Cat is nowhere to be found but Frankie is already a shelf-sitter.

One thing I've noticed about the nowinstock alerts from trying to get the werecats, is that sometimes a doll will be available online, and there will be a little lag before I get my alert, which is only a few minutes but sometimes minutes count. It's possible that it sells out before you even get your alert, just from people stumbling upon it by chance. You can bookmark the page you're interested in, and check back often and sometimes you can get lucky and discover it BEFORE you even get the alert. 

Or if you wait long enough, I'm sure you'll eventually get an alert AND they'll still be in stock. Good luck!

I got my Scarah by calling up stores in my area, then when I found a store that did have her, I asked them to hold her for me.  Anyway, I've had similar experiences, not with Scarah, but with other MH dolls, where I would get the alert, but the doll would be sold out by the time I got to the sale site, even if it was within seconds of getting the alert.  Happened with me with Gigi a few times before I was able to get her.

Nowinstock can indeed be a help when trying to get those really popular items like Scarah, but it's generally not a foolproof way to ensure that you get the dolls you seek.

I was getting frustrated with the alerts and lost hope of ever getting Scarah-as soon as I got the alert, I went straight to the page on my phone, and she would sell out while I was checking out. After 4 different failed attempts, I finally lucked out and got Scarah from those alerts a few weeks back. Our local TRU is in the middle of a move, so there has been no new stock of anything at the "old" store (the new store opens this weekend). I would only recommend to just keep trying!!! 

She was just in stock... argh. Added to cart, the system immediately removed her. Boo hissss.

I haven't been able to get her online or in-store.  Not sure how likely it is, but I'm hoping she'll start popping up more and over-saturating TRU to the point that her scalping value stops being a thing.

Just happened again 7:05 EST, I get an alert, still can't buy online at TRU.WTF?
On TRU webpage in 30 sec and still no option to ship home!
Never had this prob before????

I successfully bought her online in late August, and she came about a week later, I'm wondering why it's not working now..

No luck. She was in stock earlier today so I added her to my cart and they adjusted her due to lack of quantity available. I tried it again an hour later and this time she stuck so I added Clawdeen to round out my purchase and went to pay with Paypal. As soon as everything was done with and I got the order confirmation, they took Scarah out of my order due to lack of availability. So pissed.

The same thing happened to me at checkout today. I called the 1800 number and complained and she magically appeared in my cart and I completed my order. .. she will b here n 3 days

I got mine 3 weeks ago by being vigilant with both my local Toys R Us'. Took a few calls to both over a few weeks but I FINALLY got lucky with the less-traveled one a bit farther away. I had not seen her on shelf at either before that nor have I seen her on self at either since.

Was anyone available to order Scarah today?
Was online for 33 min, before Sold Out.
Getting to b a pain, thx TRU


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