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Looks like we may see a Hoodude! And it seems that because Scarah won the voice last year, she was chosen as the exclusive for this year.

Last July, fans everywhere voted for the next Monster High® character – online on Facebook, and live at Mattel’s booth at SDCC.  It was a close vote between Headless Headmistress Bloodgood™, Scarah Screams™ and Daughter of Arachne. Scarah Screams™, daughter of the Banshee, won the fan vote and is excited to make her dreadful debut as the SDCC featured item for 2012. Ghostly gossip on the street is that she may be bringing a date to the party. Stop by the Monster High® booth at SDCC 2012 to find out!


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Sarah Screams will be released as the 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusive doll!

For all those worrying about ordering off Matty collector and the items being sent to the UK. I live in the UK and have ordered off Matty MANY times, and it's fine, don't worry :-)

I have a custom Scarah Screams, but u cant beat the origanal!

I wish in the future that scarah would talk in the episodes. right now, she doesn't.


I completely agree with you! I don't find myself wanting her at all, so I'm actually not disappointed about not getting her. I don't really understand introducing a new character that's so boring as an exclusive doll, but I guess a lot of people are excited for her...

phuntom said:

I'm actually a little disappointed. She is very plain and I have no love for Hoodude....I was really hoping for an existing character in a cool costume like last years Ghoulia. Anyone else less than thrilled? It seems like most people really like her =)

I voted for Scarah so I am thrilled shes finally coming out, the eyes(or lack of) look amazing!

It's HooDude.
VoltageBoltz said:

Wait a second ..
Is that implying Heath is in with her?


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