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Here the photos!

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Oh, I love them! Escpecially the diaries, I'm dying to read them :3

Oh man.. diaries!?? 4th wall breakage! *twitch*

These two are pretty cool. I definitely can't wait to add them to my collection. :D

I have many things to say here right now. One of them can be expressed via meme.

1. No seriously Mattel, just take all of it, like now. I never expected that I could want SCARAH as much as I do now since back in the day of the vote... I was a loose hater that said I would only buy her if the other two came out as well.

2. Is that a unique face mold? That has to be a unique face mold. I am loving this face mold.

3. Just like Ghoulia's box it will only bring me two things. The urge to open it but not open it at the same time and make me want to keep it since the art on it is so cool.

4. Awe... Scarah's little diary entry thing is so cute! I just wish that was AJ/Wydowna writing! DX *mini rant is over*

5. HooDude is so cute! Too bad he has no internal skeleton but I guess that means I can hug him all I want! :D

6.  That last picture before the diaries... I like them as a couple now. I don't know why, but they look adorable together there.

7. DIARIES FOR BOTH?!?! Amazing Mattel, now if I don't get them I have a reason to be even more upset. 

8. Scarah's bio is meh but at least it gives her that background character feel. I can live with that and that has developed her enough for me to accept her. 

9. HooDude's Monster Parent... Is admitting what I want it to be? I think it is. Frankie is now the teen mom of MH! In some bizarre way for the reason why she made him and how he was made is different than what happens in normie schools but it makes MH more realistic than it was by thinking of it that way.

OMG! I want them!


I Pre-ordered 2 Sets on ebay. Can Wait to get them!

I should stop reading posts about these two xD it just makes me depressed that I have no chance in getting them xD

I thought I'd made up my mind not to try and get them... now I'm really unsure again.

Poop first I was sure that I wasn't gonna get them but now I'm not sure :(

DIARIES?!?!?!? YESYEYSYEYSYYSYYSYESYSS!!! I can't wait to get mine! I only ordered one though. Not sure to unbox or not ;_;

And she's Irish! That's really awesome!! I hope she has a cute accent in the webisodes

I hopE they make another doll of her so i can have her...


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