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Finally found some werecat sisters around here. None of the roller maze, wave two dead tired though...Also, all the Friday the 13th Frankies are all GONE.  Found a basic Jackson and also the school playset.  I want the playset, but its too expensive and I'm not willing to put that together after paying so much. :/ I'll just hope Mattel throws the price down after realizing its a fluke or something..or lurk Wal Mart clearance after they've been out a while. Also, the Lagoona and beds were gone from our Toys R Us now too.

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Down here (in the midstate/Columbia area) the Ghoul's Rule dolls are plentiful while we have never had the Werecat Sisters at my local ToysRUs. The I <3 Fashion sets have finally shown up though. The RollerMaze dolls have been appearing in every location and the Dot Dead 3 Pack has appeared at WM. The single Dot Dead dolls have been few and far between, however.


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